9/10/2019 Maintenance & Update Completed2019-09-10 23:05:00

Your Highness,

The 9/10 maintenance and update has been completed and all servers are open now. You can enter the game with the latest client version 1.3.7 to experience multiple brand new gameplays and features. Please do not forget to claim the update rewards in your mailbox. Thank you very much for your patiance and support! 

[Latest Version] iOS, Google

[Update Rewards] Ingot*200, Rare Token*3, Upgrade Pill*30, Hazy Love (Charm)*1

[Rewards Entrance] In-game Mailbox

[Claim Limit] Character Lv. above 30 and has been logged on in the last 3 days.


1. Top-up Bonus is now available after the maintenance. Do not forget to check it in Bedroom.

2. New feature and gameplay: Heir

3. Character level upper limit is up to 350 now

4. Array Slot level upper limit is up to 60 now

5. New feature: Quick Challenge in Suppress

6. New feature: Quick Extra Bonus in Overseas Travel

7. New feature: Quick Fish in Home

8. New storyline chapter 45

9. New Banquet chapter 18

10. New Fabled Hero: Empress Fucha

11. New Epic Skin of Fucha: Glorious Daisy

12. New Epic Weapon: Lovelorn Plum

13. New costumes

14. New Imprint and connection: Winter Memory, Cute Piggy

15. New fabled soul stone shards in Suppress Shop

16. New items in Shop: Love Ginseng, Heir Rename Card

17. New style box in Faction Battle Bet Shop

18. New Costumes in Spin Shop

19. New items in Accompany Gift House

20. Optimization of character zone interface

21. Optimization of Palace Quiz event

22. New customer service system: now you can contact customer service by [Feedback] on the login interface, and [Feedback] in the in-game settings.

23. Multiple bug fixes


New updates are only available in the latest client version iOS 1.3.7 and Google 1.3.7. If you are still using old client versions including iOS 1.3.5, iOS 1.3.6, Google 1.3.5 and Google 1.3.6, you need to update the game to the latest client version 1.3.7 on App Store or Google Play store.

We appreciate your love and support for Royal Chaos. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about the 9/10 update and client forced update.


Royal Chaos Customer Service: hw_service@haowanyou.net

Royal Chaos Official Website: https://rc.wishgamer.com

Royal Chaos Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/RoyalChaosWG

Royal Chaos Official Wechat: xfqzcn

Royal Chaos Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/royalchaosWG

The Royal Chaos Team


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