• [Tutorial]Royal Comic: Guard04-18

    Welcome to the Martial Arts Tournament in palace!

  • [Tutorial]Royal Comic: Chef04-11

    Royal Comic: Chef

  • [Tutorial]Royal Comic: Scholar03-20

    Look!Someone is there, come with yuexiu to have a look.

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Prince Jing: Almighty & Super02-28

    Hero Guide - Prince Jing: Almighty & Super

  • [Tutorial]Royal Comic: Personality01-10

    Your highness: Long time no see~ Lingruo is taking a walk in the garden, let‘ s go and play with her!

  • [Gameplay]Yuexiu‘s Royal Lecture: Pet System12-21

    Yuexiu has introduced new Home System in the previous guide. Did everyone try it out yet? At the end of that guide, Yuexiu mentioned about the Incubator, which is the home of all pets you have. Let‘s take a look at how Incubator works in the game!

  • [Gameplay]Yuexiu‘s Royal Lecture: Home System12-20

    Home System finally released! You can unlock HOME system in EXPLORE section after clearing Stage 280. Hurry up and explore this new feature!

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Zifu: Your Rage is Mine12-17

    Hero Guide - Zifu: Your Rage is Mine

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Shizhen: Chaotic and Stun12-13

    Li Shizhen was a Chinese herbalist from Ming dynasty who is renowned for great contribution of proper classification of herb components and medications.

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Xuanji: Critical Strike Dealer12-07

    Xunaji was one of the most famous women poets of the late Tang dynasty for her distinctive quality of her poems. In Royal Chaos, Xuanji is a fabled hero as well as a primary poet and she deals AOE damage to enemies. With great critical rate, Xuanji can deal destructive damage in a battle.