Spouse Guide: From The First Sight to LOVE2018-08-08 19:12:00

Hi your Grace, you must have noticed the Wedding System after the update and feeling excited to give a whirl! But before holding the spectacular Wedding, you need to get yourself Spoused. Today we'll be guiding you how to build up the bridge of romance. 

First, you must obtain 2000 Friendliness with a player who you wish to become Confidante with, and this can be raised by visiting and sending flowers. Once 2000 Friendliness achieved, you can access to the Romance Tree by simply clicking Jing Ke at your Bedroom. 


But still this is not the end, you and your Confidante are required to reach Lv.6 at Romance Tree for associating as a lifelong partner.

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So how to get Love promoted at the soonest? Sending flowers, taking photos, chatting with your couple, and asking same-server players to water your tree is all helpful. But do be noted, all the actions mentioned above has got a quantity ceiling except sending flowers. The Flower Shop is 7*24 available in your Bedroom.



After reaching Lv. 6 at Romance Tree, we strongly encourage you to propose to your beloved ones asap! We offer two means here, Secret Pledge and Bridal Customs. The first one is definitely the quickest way. Once you two come to a mutual consent, hooray! You're officially the Spouses accredited by Royal Chaos! 


And of course, couples are supposed to wear a promising ring! Rings will benefit your attributes a lot, and we'll talk it in Oversea Event Guide in the coming future.


And now, it's time for you to prepare the Wedding Auction on each Saturday. After innumerable trials and hardships of winning the Auction, the grand Wedding ceremony is waving to you, and you will also grant a chance to get the Wedding Costumes


Finally, many thanks to TaiZhang from NA-S19, the Guide she posted in Royal Chaos Group on Facebook contributes a lot. Again thanks to all of our dear players for your support and love!

Hope you enjoy today's guide on "lightning marriage".

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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