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Travel Guide: Flowers Awaiting You2018-08-14 17:12:05

In the last guide of Overseas Travel, we have talked about the fun gameplay and how to obtain rare Rings. Since many players easily get confused with Travel, today we will introduce the twins event.

To unlock Travel function, you need to clear the Stage 35 - Royal Garden. Enter Explore you will find Travel just lying at the lower right bottom.


At present, there are totally 15 chapters in Travel, and each chapter contains 5 sub-stages. 

During Travel, you will meet lots of challenging NPCs from all corners of the country.


Every first victory towards an NPC will grant you a first-clearance reward, which includes flowers and Exp for main character. So obviously, Travel is one of the shortcuts for players to obtain the enssential items to raise Friendliness with others.


Every first clearance of a chapter will also award you the higher-quality flowers and massive Exp for the character.


As the game goes deep, sometimes you will find it difficult to defeat the formidable NPCs. However, rewards won't be stuck here owing to fast Travel.


The special Blitz Drop offers various rewards such as flowers, Character Upgrade Gem, EXP Pill, Upgrade Pill, costume materials, etc. You can readily take a fast Travel (once or 5 times) of any cleared stages by spending Travel Tickets.


Pay attention to the Broadcast, some specific stages offer valuable rewards at an appointed time to the whole server. Remember the quantity of the special rewards is limited, so the early bird catches the worm.


In addition, the Qixi(Chinese Valentine's) Festival is around the corner, the Imperial has solemnly held an event to celebrate it. There's high chance of extra exquisite rewards dropping in Travel during the period of time. Get your move to explore Travel event and don't miss out the joy of Chinese romance.

Hope you

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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