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FAQ Part I2018-06-19 10:33:36

To start the Royal Journey, these are what you would like to know about Battle, Character, Hero, Gear, and Gem.

1. Auto-Battle System

Q: What is Auto-Battle System?

A: Auto-Battle System will give player rewards based on the level of checkpoint the player is in. The number of gold coins and the experience available to the player per minute is displayed on the Auto-Battle window.

Q: Is there any other way to increase the rewards from the Auto-Battle System besides the checkpoint bonus?

A: Auto-Battle rewards can also be added through Authority bouns.

Q: What is Battle Boost?

A: With the boost, you can get 120-minute Auto-Battle rewards immediately and get some Stamina.

Q: What is Treasure Hunt?

A: The treasure hunt function consumes a certain amount of stamina to get a bonus item or card.

Q: What is Challenge Leader in Auto-Battle System?

A: The challenge leader consumes a certain amount of physical strength. After a successful challenge, he is rewarded and automatically goes to the next level. Turn on the level and open up new features and gameplay.

Q: How to unlock the Treasure Hunt?

A: You can start to treasure hunt by clearing checkpoint 80.

2. Character

Q: How many professions in Royal Chaos?

A: There are 4 professions. They are the Scholar, Guard, Imperial Medic, and Imperial Gourmet.

Q: What is the upper limit of the character level?

A: The upper limit of the lead level is 200.

Q: What is the character's breakthrough level cap?

A: The upper limit would be 20.

Q: How many skills does each character possess?

A: 1 active skill and 1 passive skill.

Q: How does the main character's outfit change?

A: Click on the character's head and click the Fashion at the bottom right to change the outfit.

Q: What is Fashion?

A: In addition to changing the appearance of the character, Fashion can also enhance the property of the character.

3. Formation, Hero

Q:What's quality of heroes in Royal Chaos? 

A:Blue, Purple, Gold, Red.

Q:How to get heroes?

A:Heroes can be drawn from selection, the piece of heroes can be acquired from Selection, Travel, Hero Store, Biography and daily service rankings.

Q:What's the class for Heroes?

A:Imperial Medic, Imperial Gourmet, Scholar, Guard.

Q:What's the upper limit for heroes?

A:Level 200.

Q:What's the upper limit for heroes' upgrade?

A:Level 20.

Q:How many skills does a hero have?

A:Every hero has an active skill and a passive skill.

Q:What is the Errand profession of hero?

A:Heroes' profession in Errands can increase rewards in Errand task.

Q:How many heroes can be here except character?

A:4 Heroes.

Q:What does selling pieces of heroes for?

A:You can get Jade by selling pieces of heroes. Jade can be used to redeem pieces of heroes and other items.

Q:How many reborn ways of heroes are there? What are they?

A:Regular and Perfect Reborn. The initial hero and 80% materials can be retrieved through Regular Reborn. Perfect Reborn can refund 100% materials but will charge 50 golds extra.

Q:How to refresh hero store?

A:Refresh every 2 hours automatically or you can use Refresh Token to boost.

Q:When will Hero Store be available? 

A:After clearance of checkpoint 65.

4. Equipment

Q:How many kinds of equipment does each hero have? 

A:For both character and heroes, 5 pieces of gears per person.

Q:What kind of items will be consumed when enhancing equipment? 


Q:Whether equipment's level will change after being switched with another one.

A:After the replacement of equipment, the new equipment will keep the level of original one.

Q:How to get advanced materials?

A:In the process of smelting equipment, there is a chance to get advanced. In Smelting, you can also obtain the Smelting points. The smelting value can be used to redeem advanced materials in the smelting shop.

Q:What items will be consumed besides advanced materials when upgrading?


Q:How many gems can be crafted on each equipment?

A:3 gems for each piece.

Q:How the requirement of the number of gems will be needed in crafting?

A:The first gemstone will be available when the equipment strengthened to Lv.18. The second will available at Lv.40 and the last one will be accessible at Lv. 55.

Q:Can each equipment embedded the same kind of gem?

A:3 kinds of gems are needed for each equipment.

Q:How can we get gems?

A:You can get gems through Errand.