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FAQ Part II2018-06-19 10:52:38

After going through FAQ Part I, let's have a look at Errand, Faction, Travel, Rank, Intimacy, Selection, Biography and Intrigue systems today. 

1. Errand

Q: When Errand will be unlocked?

A: After clearance of checkpoint 28.

Q: How to get the rare reward in Errand?

A: Increase the bonus by sending heroes with the special skills required by the current task.

Q: How many tasks can be in progress at the same time?

A: 2, but you can unlock permanent task column by paying golds.

Q: How to unlock the buildings in Errand?

A: Through upgrading Rank.

Q: How to upgrade building's level in Errand?

A: Reach the checkpoint as required and upgrade with some coins.

Q: What's the level of building in Errand?

A: To unlock new Errand task and get rewards improved.

2. Faction

Q: How to unlock faction?

A: After clearing checkpoint 12 then Faction is unlocked.

Q: Can players in West and East join the same faction?

A: No, you can't. Players in East can only join factions of East, so as players in West do.

Q: At the moment of choosing East or West, what does Fate for?

A: Players will be arranged to East or West automatically with 200 golds in extra.

Q: What's Central Hall for?

A: Increase the up limit of members, base of Influence, Influence and some other up limit of buildings.

Q: What does Task Hall in Faction do?

A: Total number of daily faction task can be improved in the hall.

Q: What does Faction Store do?

A: The higher the faction store, the more you can reach out in it.

Q: What does Authority Hall do?

A: Increase the chance, the protection time and total number of Courting.


Q: How many times can each faction member engage in faction task?

A: 5 times per day per person.

Q: How many times can each faction member donate?

A: 10 times per day per person.

Q: What's Higher-up for in Fraction?

A: Character property can be improved by Higher-ups. Higher-ups of other faction will have some of the impacts to the faction as well.

3. Travel

Q: How to unlock Travel?

A: Get through checkpoint 55.

Q: How to start Travel?

A: Tap on Wander in the main menu and you will see Travel option.

Q: Does the amount of Supreme equipment shared by all servers?

A: Supreme equipment is shared based on the first-come-first-served basis, and the special rewards will only be available for certain levels during certain hours.

4. Rank

Q: What does Rank Upgrading for?

A: Can increase the reward from auto-battle system and outfits will be sent when you at a certain level.


Q: How to upgrade Rank?

A: There will be requirements for player’s level and checkpoint clearance, and some Merits will be consumed when applying for Rank Upgrading.


Q: What does the ranking of official do?

A: Daily free merits and coins will depend on ranking.


5. Intimacy

Q: How to get Intimacy of King/Princess?

A: Through a series of task, chat, flirt and gift.


Q: What does Intimacy Ranking do?

A: Items and bonus will be rewarded by the ranking. 


Q: What's the time for Date?

A: From 8:00 to 21:00. Players with the highest Intimacy will be the one dating with the King/Princess.

6. Selection

Q: How many kinds of Selection will be?

A: Averages, Talents, Talents *10.

Q: What can you get from Averages?

A: Blue, Purple and a chance of Gold heroes

Q: What can you get from Talents?

A: Purple, Gold and a chance of Red heroes, and Upgrade Pill.

7. Biography

Q: How to unlock Biography?

A: Clear checkpoint 85.

Q: What does the clearance of Biography do?

A: Pieces of hero accordingly, character EXP and coins can be collected if the biography hasn’t been cleared. After clearing all checkpoints in a biography, you will get Upgrade Pill for the first time of clearance, chances for the daily challenge will be increased and character property will be enhanced after that.

Q: How many chances for biography daily challenge?

A: Twice at first. After clearance of different biographies, the chances will be up to 6 times. First clearance won’t be counted into it. You can also get challenge chance by golds.

8. Intrigue

Q: How to unlock Intrigue?

A: After clearance of checkpoint 110.

Q: What's the collected star for?

A: For Buff purchase. Stars will be collected as reaching the specific requirements.  

Q: What's point for in Intrigue?

A: Redeem pieces of equipment in gears store.

Q: How to reset the challenge in Intrigue?

A: You can reset when you are defeated in the challenge. After reset, with Auto-Clearance, choose the buff you need, then you can get rewards automatically.

Q: How many chances of resetting Intrigue challenge per day?

A: 3 times per day and the first one for free.