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Thank you for submitting.



Design a costume for Royal Chaos Main Character(Physician,Cheif, Scholar, Guard) with hand-drawn, sketch, multi-perspective view or any other art style. Acept any design as it is based on Royal Chaos Main Character. No type, form or subject limitation.
*【SIZE】2MB max file size;
*【FORMAT】jpg, jpeg, png
1. If your design selected in final, the original final will be required. The final presentation may be adjusted based on your design.
2. Attach your game info(Server, In-game name) watermark on your submission.
3. Submission character level must above 70.


1. Submit your works on this event page. It will be published on this page once approved, which will takes 3 to 5 workdays.
2. You are allowed to submit 1 work only and not allowed to change it once approved (You can change the submission before getapproved). Please make sure to submit your final design.
3. Other players are allowed to vote for your submission by like.
4. We will select 1 Costume Design entry to make it come true in game, according to the design's creativity, likes, difficult, style, fitness.
5. The entry have submitted in last contest is not allowed to submit in this contest. The violator will be disqualified.

Note on intellectual property:

1. Infringe the intellectual property rights is not allowed. You will be disqualified once we found any tort and the rewards will be withdrawn (if have sent). All legal liabilities are borne by the entrant.
2.The intellectual property rights of all entries in this event are owned by Royal Chaos.
3.By participating in the event, you agree that Royal Chaos has the right to use and publish the entries in the relevant events and publicity.
4.After paying the corresponding rewards, the Royal Chaos has the right to use the selected design works in any form, including but not limited to publishing, distribution, modification, authorization, licensing, activities and various applications.
5.All entries must not involve pornographic, violent and other illegal content, and contravene relevant local laws and regulations is not allowed.

Vote Rules

1. Each submissions more than 1 work, which will form an album. The first work will be automatically selected as the cover, and the maximum number of submissions for every contestant is up to 9. You can invite your friends to vote for your submission. Duplicate content multiple submissions are not allowed.
2. Login with Wish Interactive account (your Royal Chaos account with character level above 70) to get 5 voting chance daily(Reset at 09:00 a.m. UTC-7 everyday). You'll get rewards for daily first vote.
3. ONE vote only for each entry daily. Any behaviors that undermines fairness in the contest such as brush ticket are not allowed. Violator will be disqualified.
4. The Participation Rewards, Daily First Vote Rewards, and Vote Bonus will be sent to the character you login automatically by in-game mail. Other rewards will be sent by official by the event end. Keep following the official announcement to learn the latest news.
5. Royal Chaos reserved the final interpretation of this contest.

  • *Server Region:
  • *In-game Name:
  • *E-mail: Please enter your email.
  • *Profile: Please enter verification code.
  • *E-mail PIN: Send Please enter verification code.
  • *Profile:
    Please choose your portrait.

Your information will not be published or used for any purpose other than contest rewards sending and identity Violations (including but not limited to Infringement and Brush Ticket) may result in the account being banned and prohibited from the contest. If you have any questions, please contact the official customer service by Facebook Private Messager.

Upload (You can upload up to 8 images.)
  • Please upload at least 1 image.
  • Cover

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