Royal Chaos Youtuber Plan Event With Awards Starts Now2018-08-02 18:54:31


The Royal Chaos Team has decided to make a fabulous event for the social connection between players and the team. Here is the introduction of this event:

Event Time:

Submission collection: 8.2 -- 8.15 (UTC-7)

Data statistics + award distribution: 8.16-8.17

Event Rules:

1. Upload videos to you own YouTube account for submission;

2. Qualified submissions will be automatically added to the official YouTube channel of Royal Chaos. Your videos will be added to Royal Chaos YouTuber Plan playlist;

3. Put in-game information (server + game ID) in your video descriptions and event posts;

4. You are ranked by the performance of your video playback data. Your ranking will be announced on the last day of data accumulation;


Video Contents:

Royal English Video Challenge: ancient costume VS modern costume;

Scenario: plot explanation, plot play, plot reaction, plot dubbing;

Strategies: any game strategies of Royal Chaos;

Cosplay/Make up: Royal Chaos characters, heroes, NPC and any other characters;

Terms of Video Submission

1. Video content must be originated. Tort of intellectual property is not allowed.

2. Videos in contest should not involve any porn, violence, racialism and sexual discrimination, and should not be against local, state and nation laws.

3. Videos minimum time length is 8 minutes and content regarding Royal Chaos should not less than 6 minutes (Royal English Video Challenge excluded).

4. Videos could involve but not limit to gameplay, review, storyline, makeup and COSPLAY and should set Royal Chaos as background.

5. Videos should be posted before 00:00 August 16 (UTC-7).

6. Royal Chaos should be contained in video title and Royal Chaos Youtuber Plan in video description.

7. Video should not contain inappropriate comments on Royal Chaos.

8. Submission that violates any rules above will be disqualified.

Event Explanation:

1.Only submissions added to event playlist on official YouTube channel will be valid.

2.Royal Chaos official team has the right to delete disqualified submissions.

3.Please put in-game information (server + game ID) in video descriptions and leave video link with in-game information in comment section under Royal Chaos Facebook video event post as well for gift claim. Players will be responsible for the consequence without leaving game information notes.

Event Rewards: 

1.Best of Plot: The World's a Stage Costume

2.Best of Strategy: The World's a Stage Costume

3.Best of Beauty: The World's a Stage Costume

4.First 10: First 10 participants awarded with 30 Wencheng shards

5.Participation Awards: All participants awarded with 20 Wencheng shards

6.Top 5: Voted by Royal Chaos official team and awarded with The World's a Stage Costume

P.S. The pics above are just illustrations.

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