• [News]Demon King Is Coming - Update Preview10-16

    Greetings, Your Highness! Improvements are happening in Royal Chaos~ New chapters in Team Instance, new Hero, New stories... So many new contents arrive! Come with Yuexiu~ Let me show you around.

  • [News]Exquisite Pagoda - Update Preview09-18

    Greetings, Your Highness! As usual, Yuexiu bring you breaking news! We have a new Function available in the palace! Also, Euipment set exchange and Gem Polish are available. These new features will open to you soon. But Yuexiu get the permission to show you around in advance~ Here we go!

  • [News]Here Comes the Emperor - Update Preview08-13

    It‘s the summer day! Are you ready to welcome the hot weather and the scorching update? Let Yuexiu show you around what is happening in the royal palace.

  • [News]Tiger Hill - Update Preview 06-12

    Greetings, Your Highness! A major update is around the corner~ Apart from the new story, we now have a Tiger Hill. Have you ever heard of it? No? Let Yuexiu brief it to you.

  • [News]The 3rd Fan Art Contest Was Successfully Concluded06-08

    The 3rd Fan Art Contest Was Successfully Concluded

  • [News]New Hero & Functions - Update Preview05-18

    Good news! An update is coming! New Hero, new Connection among Heroes, and new... So many surprises! Come with Yuexiu to find them out together!

  • [News]Legendary Melody - Update Preview04-20

    Royal Chaos is welcoming a MAJOR UPDATE which brings us the BRAND NEW class, storyline chapter, outfits, and more optimized gameplays. Let’s take a sneak peek!

  • [News]The spring is coming - March Update Preview03-06

    As the spring is coming to the palace, the Imperial Household got some awesome new features prepared for your majesty. New story, new costumes, new gameplay are all coming in the next update. Let‘s take a look.

  • [News]Royal 2 Love -- The 2nd Anniversary Celebration of Royal Chaos01-17

    It has been 2 years! Thank you for staying. As the year of rat is coming, we are celebrating the 2nd birthday of Royal Chaos. Let‘s get ready to enjoy the grand celebration!

  • [News]Happy New Year-Update Preview12-31

    Royal Chaos is going to be its second anniversary, there are amounts of events in preparation now! This upcoming update will bring multiple new features to the game, including new gameplay, new storyline, new costumes, and new weapon. Now let‘s have a quick look.