• [News]Royal 2 Love -- The 2nd Anniversary Celebration of Royal Chaos01-17

    It has been 2 years! Thank you for staying. As the year of rat is coming, we are celebrating the 2nd birthday of Royal Chaos. Let‘s get ready to enjoy the grand celebration!

  • [News]Happy New Year-Update Preview12-31

    Royal Chaos is going to be its second anniversary, there are amounts of events in preparation now! This upcoming update will bring multiple new features to the game, including new gameplay, new storyline, new costumes, and new weapon. Now let‘s have a quick look.

  • [News]Merry a Royal Christmas -- Update Preview11-29

    Santa Claus is coming to palace! A new update with new gameplays, new fabled hero, new costumes... come in this December. How to merry a royal Christmas? Take a look.

  • [News]Fairy Beauty——New Hero Disclosure 11-21

    Most of you guessed out new Hero‘s name! She indeed is Diaochan!

  • [News]Drop-dead gorgeous- Hero Guess11-15

    There were rumours that a new beauty in the street will be the next fabled hero in Royal Chaos. People saw her were attracted deeply.

  • [News]Halloween Surprise - Update Preview10-17

    The annual Halloween draws near. To celebrate this intriguing festival, the Royal Chaos team will bring to you an update full of new gameplay!

  • [News]Update Preview: Watch Your Heir Enter Teenage09-19

    After last update, my ladies were finally able to have heirs. Your highness must have been enjoying raising them. Now, Yuexiu is more than happy to inform your highness that your heirs will soon be able to grow to teenage! Heir Travel, Heir Deployment and more heir functions will be unlocked in the upcoming update! In addition, the update will also add new costumes and new weapon to the game. Let‘s have a look!

  • [News]Update Preview - Fucha & Heir & New Story09-03

    A new update is on the way! In addition to the new heroine Fucha and the Heir System that have been introduced before, this update will also add new chapters, pet, costumes, hero skins, weapon and other content to the game! Let‘s have a look!

  • [News]Play with Lovely Baby - Heir System Is Coming08-28

    The long-awaited Heir System is finally about to meet you. Get a lovely baby heir in the game and start your parenting career!

  • [News]New Heroine Revealed - Empress Fucha08-22

    Rumors have it that a mysterious heroine will visit Chu in the near future. I believe that you‘re all guessing who she is. Today, Yuexiu will reveal her true identity for your highness.