• [Gameplay]Yuexiu‘s Royal Lecture: Pet System12-21

    Yuexiu has introduced new Home System in the previous guide. Did everyone try it out yet? At the end of that guide, Yuexiu mentioned about the Incubator, which is the home of all pets you have. Let‘s take a look at how Incubator works in the game!

  • [Gameplay]Yuexiu‘s Royal Lecture: Home System12-20

    Home System finally released! You can unlock HOME system in EXPLORE section after clearing Stage 280. Hurry up and explore this new feature!

  • [Gameplay]Mentorship System: Lighten Your Palace Life11-14

    Royal Chaos released the Mentorship system now! I am so curious whether you have already found your mentor? Or have you gotten a clever apprentice?

  • [Gameplay]Faction Treasure Guide: Unity is Strength09-30

    Every Thursday evening, the Emperor Mu will open the treasury to celebrate the national prosperity. Let‘s join the treasure hunting with faction members!

  • [Gameplay]Equipment Quench Guide - the Way to Godly09-30

    We released the new version this week and I‘m sure you are looking forward to the new features. Let‘s have a thorough look at the new function that helps polishing our equipments!

  • [Gameplay]Travel Guide: Flowers Awaiting You08-14

    In the last guide of Overseas Travel​, we have talked about the fun gameplay and how to obtain rare Rings. Since many players easily get confused with Travel, today we will introduce the twins event.

  • [Gameplay]Overseas Travel Guide: Rings For You, For Now, For Ever08-13

    We have talked about how to build relationships to get spoused. Hope all of you guys have experienced it well. Today‘s guide will introduce how to obtain girls‘ best friend, yes the Ring!

  • [Gameplay]Wedding Guide: Celebrate Your Big Day08-10

    In the previous Spouse Guide, we introduced the one-day "lightning marriage". As the Wedding Auction is around the corner on this Saturday, today we will guide you how to hold a spectacular wedding ceremony in Tranquil Palace.

  • [Gameplay]Spouse Guide: From The First Sight to LOVE08-08

    We‘ve released the news that there will be a new Wedding System in the update on 6th August. If you want to experience that function at first, you should read this guide. Today‘s guide on Spouse tells you how to get a "lightning marriage".

  • [Gameplay]Costume Collecting Guide II08-01

    In the previous guide Costume Collecting Guide (1) we have learned how to get costumes for free. Now let‘s talk about the remaining ways.