11/12 Royal Chaos Update Announcement2018-11-08 21:14:08

Your Highness,

All Royal Chaos servers will be down for maintenance on 11/12/2018. During the maintenance, we will release the latest game version which enriches multiple gameplays. Actual maintenance completion time will be postponed if necessary. Update rewards will be available after the maintenance is completed. Thank you very much for the support!

This update will be contained in a patch, which will be detected and loaded when you log in the game after the maintenance.

[Maintenance Duration]: 

SEA Servers: 16:30 - 22:00, 11/12/2018 (UTC+08:00)

NA Servers: 00:30 - 06:00, 11/12/2018 (UTC-08:00)

[Servers]: All servers

[Latest Version]:

iOS: or


[Update Contents]

1. Mentorship


You will be able to access Mentorship in the Bedroom after you pass Stage 70. Recruiting Apprentices requires character level 1-100. Make use of Mentorship wisely and you will gain bountiful character EXP as well as rewards.


2. New Storyline Chapter 34-35

3. Max Awaken Level up to +8


4. Open access to purchase equipment advance materials in the Mall by Ingots.


5. Brand New Monthly Pass


Super bonus coming! Brand new monthly passes, Sale Monthly Pass and Noble Monthly Pass with useful Buff, bountiful Ingots and even unique and fabled noble imprint will be available in Royal Chaos after this update! You will receive full return of remaining Ingots from your old Weekly Pass and old Monthly Pass by e-mail. 


6. Optimization of entrance for VIP Gift Packs. 

7. Multiple bug fixes and experience improvements.


1. During the maintenance, you will not be able to log in the game. Please arrange your time in advance.

2. Currently there are two versions for iOS devices, but for the best game experience, we strongly suggest you update the game to the up to date version 1.1.6. After you successfully update to version 1.1.6 on iOS devices, you will be able to claim beautiful update rewards in Latest Version event. Version 1.1.6 for Android devices is on the way. Please wait patiently.

3. Please take note of your account, password as well as your server name before any update. 

We appreciate your understanding and support. Please do not hesitate to contact us by these ways if you have any question or issue. 


Royal Chaos Customer Service Team: hw_service@haowanyou.net

Royal Chaos Official Website: https://rc.wishgamer.com

Royal Chaos Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/RoyalChaosWG

Royal Chaos Official Wechat: xfqzcn

Royal Chaos Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/royalchaosW

The Royal Chaos Team


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