11/21 Royal Chaos Maintenance Announcement2018-11-15 19:06:35

Your Highness,

All Royal Chaos servers will be down for maintenance on 11/21/2018. During the maintenance, we will upgrade the game servers. Actual maintenance completion time will be postponed if necessary. Maintenance compensation will be available after the maintenance is completed. Thank you very much for the support!

[Maintenance Duration]: 

SEA Servers: 16:30 - 18:30, 11/21/2018 (UTC+08:00)

NA Servers: 00:30 - 02:30, 11/21/2018 (UTC-08:00)

[Servers]: All servers

[Maintenance Compensation]: Ingots*100, Merits*5000, Hazy Lover(Charm)*1

[Entrance of Compensation]: Bedroom - Events - Update

[Compensation Duration]: 11/21/2018 - 11/22/2018


   1. For SEA servers, please sign up for promotion before the maintenance starts. 

   2. Please take note of your account, password and server name before the maintenance.

   3. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service by sending an e-mail to hw_service@haowanyou.net, or message us on Facebook @Royal Chaos, if you have any question or issue.           


Royal Chaos Customer Service Team: hw_service@haowanyou.net

Royal Chaos Official Website: https://rc.wishgamer.com

Royal Chaos Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/RoyalChaosWG

Royal Chaos Official Wechat: xfqzcn

Royal Chaos Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/royalchaosW


                                         The Royal Chaos Team


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