Punishment Announcement2019-03-26 15:16:41

Your Highness:

Yuexiu and the Imperial Household got some reports that some players use the "alt accounts" for unfair competition, even insult and bully other players in the game, recently. Which made negative influences to other Royal Chaos players.

As we have stated before, cheating in Royal Chaos by using alt accounts to control the gaming results ( including but not limited to Events, Ranking, Pageant, etc ) is not allowed. However, we still keep getting violation reports.

According to User Agreement of Royal Chaos ( you may check it in game Settings ), we froze the accounts as follows:


Remind again, any behavior of disturbing or affecting the gaming, will be punished with account freezing ( up to permanently for multiple or serious violations ).

If you meet such problems in the game, please take screenshots as the evidence and send it to the official customer service by e-mail. We will investigate it as soon as possible to guarantee your game experience.

The Imperial Household of Royal Chaos

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