8/7 SEA S51~S68 Server Merge Announcement2019-07-09 10:52:50

Your Highness,

To present you better game experience, we will merge some SEA servers in Royal Chaos on 8/7/2019. Actual completion time will be postponed if necessary. 

【Maintenance Duration】 09:00-17:00, 8/7/2019 (UTC+08:00)

【Server Merge Arrangement】


【What You Need to Read】

1. On the day when server merge happens, pageant will temporarily stop in merged servers, and will restart with the next round of pageant.

2. Higher-up Buffs:

(1)Your faction’s higher-up buffs will remain 7 days, starting from the beginning of server merge.

(2)If you change faction after server merge, you will enjoy the higher-up buffs of your new faction.

(3)Same higher-up in the same faction will not co-exsist after server merge. 

Example given:

If your faction had Lord Yi’s higher-up buff before the server merge, and your faction enticed Lord Yi again after the server merge, your faction’s Lord Yi higher up buff would be replaced by the newly enticed one. 

(4)If merged servers have same higher-ups, higher buffs will be saved after the server merge.

Example given:

Server 2 is about to be merged into server 1.

East Clan in server 1 has higher-up buffs of Ruyan and General Nian, which contributes 23000+30680=53680 might;

East Clan in server 2 has higher-up buffs of Ruyan and General Nian, which contributes 23000+9970=32970 might. 

In this case, higher-up buffs contribution from S1 > S2, so after server 2 is merged into server 1, East Clan will use Ruyan and General Nian’s higher-up buffs from server 1.


1. During the server merge, merged servers are not be able to access. Please kindly arrange your time in advance.

2. If your server is not in the merged server list, you will be able to login the game and play as usual.

3. We strongly suggest you read the detailed Royal Chaos Server Merge Rules by clicking this link: Royal Chaos Server Merge Rules

We are very sorry if this brings you any inconvenience, and we appreciate your kind support and love for Royal Chaos. Thank you all and have a good time!

                                                                                                                                                                                     The Royal Chaos Team


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