8/5 Maintenance & Update Completed2019-08-05 09:57:55

Your Highness,

The maintenance and update on 8/5/2019 has been completed and all servers are open now. You can enter the game after you load the latest patch resources. Please do not forget to claim the update rewards in your mailbox. Thank you very much for your patience and support! 

[Latest Version] iOS, Google

[Update Rewards] Ingots*200, Rare Token*1, Upgrade Pill*10

[Rewards Entrance] In game Mailbox

[Claim Limit] Character Lv. above 30; Have logged on the character in 3 days.


1.New function: Equipment Refine

2.New function: Pink Equipment Ascend

3.New Story Line: Chapter 44 of the main story, Chapter 12 of Dating and Chapter 17 of Banquet

4.New Skins: Pan An's fabled skin Unrivaled Glamor, Songyu's elite skin Maple Sky, Xuanji's elite skin Land Fragrance 

5.New Costumes: Dream Wedding, Chant of War, Lovely Bonds, Exotic Fantasy, Gurgling Brook, Waterside Ballad, Unparalleled Beauty

6.New Fabled Pet: Kong Kong

7.New Rings series: Nocturnal Reverie

8.New Costume Exchange at Bet Shop: Sweet Deer

9.Other new resources

10.Experience improvements and bug fixes

We appreciate your understanding and support. Please do not hesitate to contact us by these ways if you have any question or issue. 


Royal Chaos Customer Service: hw_service@haowanyou.net

Royal Chaos Official Website: https://rc.wishgamer.com

Royal Chaos Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/RoyalChaosWG

Royal Chaos Official Wechat: xfqzcn

Royal Chaos Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/royalchaosWG

The Royal Chaos Team


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