Illegal Recharge Announcement2019-08-20 10:27:23

Your Highness:

To maintain the order and fairness of palace, guarantee the gaming experience, here we determine to severely punish the behaviors as below: 

malicious advertising, credit card fraud and top up through illegal recharge agency.

Punitive measures will include but not limited to:

1. Freezz fraudulent-gained Jade and Ingots.

2. Deduct fraudulent-gained Jade and Ingots.

3. Retract fraudulent-gained items and in-game currency.

4. Freeze the Account with illegal behaviors, temporaryly or permanently.

5. Any losses caused by illegal recharge, (e.g: not receiving in-game resources after top-up) will not be compensated by Royal Chaos Official.

Besides, Please be noted that top up through illegal recharge agency is extremely risky:

1. Illegal recharge agency is not secured by the official, there’s high possibility of loss in top-up and accounts stolen issues.

2. Even if players successfully topped up through Illegal recharge agencies, Royal Chaos Official will take punitive measures as soon as 

investigated, and announced in public.

3. Illegal recharge agency is funded with unknown sources, which leads to numerous unpredictable risks for players.

4. Illegal recharge agency will collect players' personal information for illicit purpose, severely threatening players’ personal safety.

All players are more than welcome to report illegal top-up behaviours around you!

See below for part of the illegal recharge name list:


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