• [Event]Pet Shadow Event: Answer and Winner12-19

    Hello, my ladies~ Have you experienced the Pet System in New Version? Did you match the shadow pictures with Pets in game? Let me announce the answer!

  • [Event]Event: Shadow of Pets12-14

    Your highness: Long time no see! Did you hear about the new PET System? These cute pets were Bosses from Pet Instances and now they become your lovely companions.

  • [Event]Thanksgiving Day Event: Answer and Winners11-23

    My ladies, Hello! Wish you had a pleasant Thanksgiving Day! I wonder if you have found all the Thanksgiving elements in the painting?

  • [Event]Thanksgiving Day: Lost and Found11-19

    Thanksgiving Day is coming, Yue Xiu has prepared some gifts for you. But, there are some requirements to achieve the gift!

  • [Event]11/9-11/11 Weekend Events Announcement11-09

    11/9-11/11 Weekend Events Announcement

  • [Event]YouTube Video Contest10-19

    Still remember the YouTube Plan Event "Royal Chaos, Now in English" when the English version released? Let‘s take a look back at what rewards have been send to participants!

  • [Event]Royal Chaos Fan Art Contest09-29

    ​Want to have your own designed costume? This is your chance. Design your own costume, show off your talent or dress up like a royal queen to win a dream costume!

  • [Event]Youtuber Plan Event Starts Now08-02

    The Royal Chaos Team has decided to make a fabulous event for the social connection between players and the team. Here is the introduction of this event.