Grand Feast Guide2019-05-27 19:28:06

Your Highness,

Today Yuexiu would like to introduce the whole new gameplay-Grand Feast. Except for the rewards, all participants can taste delicious dishes, recite poems, paint, dance, toast and so on. Enjoy the palace party and have fun!

Tap “Bedroom”- “Agenda”- “Grand Feast”

Grand Feast is opened by the system automatically or Supreme players at 20:00 every Monday. As the host, the Supreme players can select the venue and menu, and invite other qualified players who reached a certain official rank to participate in it. 


The host can invite a friend to sit with him/her at the feast.


The grand rewards will be available after dinner.


Other players can comment on the poems, paintings, dances and toasts to get rewards. Besides, the first comment will win the best rewards in this part!



In addition, you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors with other players and give them the "Like Gift" to up their charm! All the interactions above will increase the total mood of the Grand Feast.




Feel free to comment and boost the party mood!


Mood chests can be unlocked once you achieve the corresponding mood in each round. The more interactions, the more rewards!


According to the mood contribution ranking, you will also obtain the corresponding rewards.


That’s all for today's introduction! Yuexiu can't wait to see you in Grand Feast! 

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