Weapon Evolving Guide2019-06-06 17:45:33

Your Highness,

It's time to evolve your weapons! Choose the style you like and make it more dazzling. 

Tap “Hero”- “Weapons”- “Weapon Evolve”


Choose your favourite style and tap“Evolve”to change the weapon’s appearance. Yuexiu suggests equipping the weapon boosts your might the most and evolving it as you like.  



Here are the rules of evolving weapons for your reference:

1. Only the equipped weapon can be evolved into the attained one.

2. Evolving will only change the appearance of the weapon and will not affect its equip condition, bonus attribute or description.

3. The Evolve Effect will disappear automatically when the weapon is replaced.

4. The appearance of the evolved weapon can be restored by evolving again.

Anyway, the top 1 rule in the palace: Fancy First! There will be more styles to choose from once collecting more weapons. Come to evolve the weapon into your favourite one!

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