Equipment Refine Guide - Refine Equip to a New Level2019-08-02 14:59:22

Equipment Refine system will update to the game, your highness can add Refine Attributes to your equipment in the latest version of Royal Chaos.


Refining your equipment will undoubtedly make them more powerful. However, how to correctly refine and select the appropriate attributes also requires some knowledge. Don’t worry, Yuexiu has prepared a comprehensive guide for your highness, have a look!



Only equipment whose quality is Epic and above can be refined. Refining a piece of equipment consumes a certain amount of Refine Stones, which can be obtained from Intrigue.

Refine Level


1 refine point will be increased after each refinement, and Refine Level will be up when the refine points are full.


Refine Limit


The Might of equipment boosted by Refine has a limit. The limit is affected by Refine Level and Equip Quality. Higher Refine Level and Equip Quality lead to higher Refine Limit.


Main Attributes


Main attributes are attributes who can be added more than once to a piece of equipment.


Main attributes for different parts:


Hood: HP, RES, EVA;

Robe: DEF, RES, EVA;

Boots: AGI, ACC, EVA;

Necklace: ATK, ACC, Crit;

Pendant: ATK, ACC, Crit;


Each refinement will generate new refine attributes. Yuexiu suggests your highness to replace the current attributes with the new attributes as long as the Might of the new attributes is higher. 


Your highness can lock one or more current attributes before refining the equipment. The type of the locked attributes will not be changed after refining. 


Yuexiu recommends that your highness lock AGI first. AGI is a vital attribute, it decides who releases skill first in combat, which often affects the trend of the whole battle. Try to obtain 3 AGI attributes for your boots!


As for attributes of other parts, It is suggested that Your highness lock proper attributes according to the position of the hero, which could maximize the might boosted by Refine. For Physicians, AGI is the priority attribute. And aggressive attributes should be chose for Scholars, while defensive attributes should be chose for Guards and Chefs.


This is today's guide for Equip Refine. Refine equipment, obtain extra attributes, and raise the limit of your Might! 

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