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Overseas Travel Guide: Rings For You, For Now, For Ever2018-08-13 17:43:38

We have talked about how to build relationships to get spoused. Hope all of you guys have experienced it well. Today's guide will introduce how to obtain girls' best friend, yes the Ring!

Most of the Rings can only be obtained in Overseas Travel. You need to clear the Stage 160 - Mines Underwater to unlock this feature. You may notice that there is another similar function called Travel, whcih is available here: Travel Guide. You can complete Travel all by yourself, but you must have a Confidant or Spouse to start Overseas Travel, and the rewards are quite different too. Upgrade Pills and materials used to synthesize Rings are available in the Overseas Travel.


Currently there are three cities available for Overseas Travel in total. Each of them has an Oriental exoticism so you may find it delightful.


During the City Travel, you should clear 20 progresses to finally get the treasure - a powerful Rare-quality Ring with Might ranged from 3000 to 15968.


Surely the Ring is not the only purpose to go Overseas Travels. You can also enjoy the stories of these Cities with your Confidant/Spouse. The immersive experience is another bright spot when dealing with Residents' tasks.


In addition, to complete photo-taking missions from Residents will grant you materials to synthesize Rings as rewards.


Make sure you got enough Might to defeat some of the bellicose Residents, otherwise you will be stuck in certain progress.


After you cleared total 20 progresses in a City, you can do Extra Bonus to earn bonus items, especially those essential to synthesize Rings. 


Each Ring synthesized from Overseas Travel has its unique title and appearance, and the Workshop in Intimate Zone is the place to synthesize Rings.


You can see a list of Rings ranking from Precious to Inherited. Lower-quality Rings can be synthesized into higher ones with certain materials. The only Inherited Ring will definitely cost you lots of time and efforts to get it, but doesn't it reveal the progress how you and your Spouse get deep in LOVE?


Bring your love an immersive take on the most romantic Overseas Travel in Royal Chaos!

Wish you 

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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