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Do you love to be the sweetheart of the emperor? Do you want to challenge the royal beauties in a fashion show? Would you like to be the princess of fantastic romance? NOW! Royal Chaos, the best-seller royal romance mobile game in South-East Asia, is now calling you in English!

Just a tap, you will be the spotlight. As the princess, you could explore the fantastic royal palace, search for rich stories and meet friends online anytime. Guess what? Your Prince Charming is waiting here to start the romantic adventure with you, just in Royal Chaos!



Preview of Royal Chaos


Royal Chaos is the star product of Wish Interactive Stunning Beauty and Social Community are the keywords going through the whole game.

Here are the key features of Royal Chaos.

Gripping Stories & Complicated Relationships

Lovely or hot, innocent or cunning, you can be whatever you want here. Stories are keeping updating. Characters will have totally different paths when you choose each step. Royal Chaos would like to give you the most exciting experience in your own story with rich conflicts and issues.  

Fight for Love & Nail Your Prince Charming

Fight for your love and make the emperor be your Mr Right. For girls, love is also a battle. Come to Royal Chaos, build your own strategy, stand out in the crowd, experience different love storylines and be the Queen to your lover.


Stunning Ancient Outfits & Create Your Look

Try the new look to lead the glamour in the royal palace. Are you tired of harem fight?How about making your own royal style in tons of pretty outfits? Calm down and lipstick on! Be the fascinating & stylish fashion Queen in the pageant.

Romantic Community & Crush on Mr Right 

Come to meet friends those love royal lifestyle as you do. Enjoy a moment of chitchat and exploring all the hot topics, trends and gossip in various channels. Find the true love in the royal palace.

Enjoy the breath-taking view of Royal Palace, classic oriental music and funny storylines. All these contents will be available in English very soon. Royal Chaos 3D is now going to get published. Fun, casual, romantic stories, dozens of fun are waiting for you to explore. Welcome to join.

About Royal Chaos:

Royal Chaos is the latest royal palace 3D RPG title from Wish Interactive. Set in an elaborately carved world of Chinese ancient palace, players are thrust into the palace struggling conflict with dramatic story-lines, as a real imperial concubine to cultivate and collocate lineups of various attendants and win the harem fight or customize the fashion look to come across a romantic love story.

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