Royal Chaos new update preview in the next week2018-08-02 17:02:07

Hi, dear players, there will be an important update for Royal Chaos next week. The new version contains a set of new gameplay, such as the Wedding system and Moments. After having experienced these new features, you will enjoy the life of the Palace in the summer. Now, here we go!

Wedding System:

A new Wedding system has been added into this update pack. After you get the authority of using the wedding ground through auction, you can prepare for the new beautiful wedding dresses provided by the new system. Those who have already marriaged can also attend the auction to have wedding ceremony. Of course, you are able to invite your online friends to your wedding. There will be a mysterious guest with surprise to participate in hosting the wedding. For those attending the wedding but remaining single, the Wedding system is not a hit, but a friendly and happy experience. Anyone attending the wedding will have the chance to win lots of game packs, and share the joy with the couples.



The royal family of Chu owns the Grand Palace, which indeed covers thousands of square. That makes the beauties in every corner very hard to see each other. But since the princess Mu Lingxi can eat ice-cream, why can't we use a modern technology? Therefore, Royal Chaos team has decided to add the Moments feature in the new update. You can know everything happening whatever at the first time with this feature, even the emperor's dating with another girl sneakily.


Hope you have prepared yourself for the game updates & Have Fun!

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