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Your Highness:

It has been a whole year since your highness firstly stepped into the world of Royal Chaos. How amazing the time flies in the twinkling of an eye! Yuexiu is eager to express the sincere gratitude to all of you, who stays around through ups and downs.

We have witnessed so many miracles. Perhaps, the sun is about to rise in your world while players on the other side of the ocean have fallen into sleep, but you all come across in Royal Chaos and connect with each other closely.

Throught out the 365 days, numerous precious moment is engraved in Yuexiu’s mind, every character created, every comment during storyline, even every flower that carries your companionship. As the matter of fact, our most precious memory is the love and support from your highness!

In return for the love of you all, we’re holding a series of events with abundant rewards to celebrate the very first year we spend together! 

The first event comes tomorrow! Complete quests to win hero shards, craft materials, flowers...anything you can imagine.

积分挑战奖励 觉醒石.png总奖池奖励 红色碎片箱二.png个人奖励1000 妙鲜包.png任务三 橙色魂玉宝箱.png任务二 红色随从碎片礼包.png个人奖励3000 爱朦胧.png

An exclusive costume, Iridescencce, will be available to all Royal fans for Free, as long as you complete the final challenge! It’s easy but requires all royal fans pull together. The costume is so fascinating that Yuexiu believe after wearing them, your highness will be the most charming one and all other bower maids became pale.


 Iridescence Costume

In addition, we brought you Lord Yi Memes. Everyone loves this most popular prince. Invite your old friends come back and get Lord Yi in your chat!


Lord Yi Memes

Yuexiu just can’t wait to see the smile on your face, let’s say Happy 1st anniversary to Royal Chaos, and continue the romance for year and year on!

Click here to claim your anniversary rewards!


Yue Xiu


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