New Update Preview: New Fabled Hero & Fun Island2019-02-18 18:57:04

Hi, my ladies. It has been a long time for us to have a new hero since Princess Taiping launched. But, Yuexixu is very excited, cause Yuexiu heard that there will be an update for Royal Chaos next week which come with a set of new gameplay and a new fabled hero. Lets have a sneak peek!

New Fabled Hero, Prince Jing

A new fabled heroPrince Jing, will join Royal Chaos. As a guard, he is a strong warrior with great viability. Yue Xiu will expose more details about him later. Please stay tuned!



Fun Island

New gameplay Fun Island will coming up in the Pet system. 


You highness may enter an island instance with random difficulty. There are three levels: Easy, hard and nightmare. You will encounter various adventures on the island. Talking to the residents on the island first to get the Drift Bottle. Drift Bottle is an amazing item that can be used to avoid some random battles. Defeat the boss on the island gives tons of pet coins and treasures of the island!




Some awesome style frames in the Collection are coming too! Different styles of head frames and bubbles are waiting for you to collect from the corresponding shops! 


New update will come tentatively on next week. Are you excited for it? Yuexiu just can’t wait to play with my pets on Fun Island!

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