Update Preview: New Fabled Hero - Prince Jing2019-02-21 13:52:12

The origin of Prince Jing is a character in a Chinese historical drama: Nirvana in Fire.

Because of the lack of power and favor, Prince Jing has been treating like a joke by the royal court. However, he was deeply rooted to his morals and believes which lead him to fight back finally.

In Royal Chaos, Prince Jing is a fabled guard with greatest viability. As a damage taken, he can control enemies and protect allies at the same time.


Prince Jing’s active skill: Infinite Love has the taunt effect to force the enemy to attack him and disable the enemy’s Rage recovery, plus returning damage back to enemies.

His passive skill: Impassioned Chant can recover HP for at least 3 heroes after upgrade to Lv.4.

After the Prince Jing is launched, your ladies can summon him in Hero Summoning Event. He also comes with two hero skins: Autumn Gale and Empyrean.



That’s all for Prince Jing’s update preview. Your ladies may start thinking of his Equipment and Treasures in advance. Yuexiu will also post a all-sided guide about him next week. Keep expecting!

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