New Hero Exposed: Zhuge Liang2019-04-01 14:32:39

Hi ladies and gentlemen! Do you remember the new hero you guessed last week? The answer is Zhuge Liang! Have you gotten it?

Zhuge Liang served as the chancellor and regent of the state of Shu during the Three Kingdoms period. He was so loyal and poured all his life to the revival of Shu Han Dynasty. Because of the history novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, his wisdom and tragedy attract everyone, which shapes him one of the most popular heroes.

So what is the image of Zhuge Liang in your eyes?

He may look like this?


Or this?


Even maybe like this?


Here comes the Zhuge Liang of Royal Chaos!


Elegant and talented, Zhuge Liang comes to Royal Chaos with his gentle but determined temperament.

Have you get the correct answer? Now would you like to make a guess at the position of Zhuge Liang?

Next time, Yuexiu would bring you the preview of the updated gameplay! Please keep expecting!

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