Update Preview: New Hero, Faction Battle, and Embattle Array2019-04-12 10:27:17

My dear ladies, Yuexiu is truly sorry that the latest update preview conveyed some wrong information. Yuexiu apologizes for the mistake and promises that it will not happen again.

The update preview has been revised as below, and the update includes new costumes, super fabled hero and other new features

Free Costume & Tutorial Guide Optimization

You may have heard that the Household Department prepared new costumes in the Video Poll Event on official Facebook page (The event is still on, vote for your favorite to win rewards). 

The new players could pick 1 in 3 new costumes from the tutorial for FREE. The players who have completed the tutorial (we didn't forget you) will get a Novice Costume Box for picking 1 free costume in 3 also, by in-game mail after the update. 

The rest 2 costumes will also be available in Costume Shop! Don’t forget to check it out! 

In addition, the tutorial will be also be optimized for a better experience.


(White Lily) 


(Heroic Melody)  


(Nocturnal Song)

( Pick 1 for FREE )

New Super Fabled Hero: Zhuge Liang

As Yuexiu revealed before, the new Super Fabled Hero Zhuge Liang will join Royal Chaos in this update. He was known for resourcefulness. His words and deeds have been extolling till now.


In Royal Chaos, he will incarnate to a fabled Chess Master, with AOE damage.

Yuexiu will tell more details about Zhuge Liang later!


Some ladies might be a little bit confused about how to increase Might efficiently. The Array in Embattle will do you a favor!


Add Soul Stones to your heroes in the Array and level them up to boost massive heroes' attributes.


Faction Battle

Factions from different servers will be able to battle with each other in the upcoming update!

In the Faction Battle, every member can help your faction to win the final victory. Participants will be awarded bountiful Battle Coins which can be used to exchange exclusive rewards in the Bet Shop.


(Developing screenshot, not final)

Besides, you can also participate in the bet to guess which faction will win the battle. Try your fortune and win rewards in Bet Shop!


Costumes & Style Frame rewards

(Developing screenshot, not final)

Are you ready to fight for not only your faction but also your server? Go and assemble your faction members now.

Yuexiu can't wait to have more fun with my lovely ladies in Royal Chaos!

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