Update Preview: New Fabled Hero- Zhuge Liang2019-04-17 18:21:57

Hi~My ladies!

A new super fabled hero, Zhuge Liang ,will join Royal Chaos, as Yuexiu mentioned last time. Today, Yuexiu would like to share more about this legendary genius.

As a military strategist during the Three Kingdoms period , in Chinese history has been well known for his extraodinary intelligence and remarkable foresight. From borrowing arrows with straw boats to praying for the eastern wind, his stories have already been spread for thousands of years.


In Royal Chaos, Zhuge Liang is a super fabled Chess Master. He can deal deadly AOE damage and protect himself when exposed to danger.

Active skill: Lightning Summoner. 

Zhuge Liang launches 3 strikes, each dealing DMG to 3 random enemies  and increases his Critical DMG for one round.


Passive skill: Primordial World. 

Zhuge Liangs DMG increases if his HP is over 50%, and the DMG he takes decreases if his HP is below 50%, which enables Zhuge Liang to be proficient in both attack and self-protection.

Zhuge Liangs skills shape him a reliable back-row damage dealer.

Besides, an elegant skin, “Honorable Life”, will also come with him in the coming update.


How do you like Zhuge Liang now? Yuexiu will also share an all-sided guide about him in the near future. Keep expecting!

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