1st Faction Battle Winners Interviews2019-06-14 14:19:59

Your Highness,

Reporter Yuexiu brings you an INTERVIEW from AurumAria (NA-S120), who represents the Faction - TeaParty. Today AurumAria will share her and her faction's experience in Faction Battle.


1. What faction and server are you representing?

I represent TeaParty from server NA-S120.

2. How was your overall experience with Faction Battle?

My overall experience was pretty good, but also pretty confusing. It was a bit of a confusion every time we enter a new stage. The rules weren' t always clear.(We will improve it)

3. What was your favorite part or a positive aspect of Faction Battle that you enjoyed?

My favourite part was how this battle united my server. We hadn’t always worked together but this battle gave us a reason to put aside grudges and work together. The rewards that came with winning was definitely what everyone enjoyed in my faction.

4. What hardships did you encounter during Faction Battle?

Figuring out the rules and the workings of the battle system was pretty hard. Also getting enough players online at the same time to battle was also pretty hard.

5. How did your faction achieve victory in your division? What strategies or tips did you employ?

We worked together with the opposing clan. Our faction also had a merge with another to bolster numbers. My strategy was to get as many players online as possible and use inactive players in the auto defence.

6. What is your hope for future Faction Battles?

My hope for future faction battles is that we continue to win and that it happens along side the ranking seasons. I understand that the majority of the players are super bored since they aren' t part of the fight.

7. Your personal acceptance speech.

A big thank you to the whole of NA-S120, TeaParty wouldn' t have been able to win if the whole server wasn' t working together. Everyone stayed up, went to battle and won. It’s a pleasure leading everyone and I hope we can work towards another faction battle victory the next season!


We will have more interviews later, which will reveal some more useful tips. Keep eyes on our official website and Facebook.

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