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MC's Birthday Party at the Palace

Written by Royal Chaos Discord Members

Compiled by Royal Chaos Discord Staff 

Yuexiu collected an amazing story from our Discord players, and what impressed me a lot is the Chicken XD.

It is MC's first time celebrating her birthday at the Palace. She's extremely excited and eager to meet her Palace folks. MC eagerly smiles to herself the night before her birthday as she climbs into bed, blowing off her oil lamp in anticipation for tomorrow.

However, she can’t sleep! So she goes outside to make a wish on the brightest star.

MC wishes she could be loved like the rest and MC to notice her completely. A beautiful dress suddenly appears at her door and she notices that Lord Yi left her a love note next to the dress.

Sooner than later, she started to crave a 10 tiered waffle-laffle cake and wondered if she could still fit into that dress after eating one.

Luckily for MC, a fairy promptly arrived, magically transforming MC from a plain girl into the prettiest girl on the palace grounds.

She had long beautiful brown hair that shone in the moonlight, big blue eyes that sparkled. She had it all but still didn’t feel like herself. As she walked through the palace, the ladies all looked at her, and envied her beauty, but MC remembered her wish earlier and felt she had wasted it, so she asked for what was truly in her heart, a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina musical episode that heavily features Ross Lynch’s dancing because dancing is the truest way to show your inner beauty

She started dancing in the Lotus Gardens and danced like a beautiful peony waving in the wind. Many lords and ladies looked at her with admiration of her skills.

MC was determined to dance something much more beautiful but suddenly Lord Yi walked over and said "Ni howdy ma'am, may I have this square dance?”

She tried to be graceful,  but ended up dancing like a chicken, arms flapping like wings. Lord Yi joined her bawking & head bopping.

Then, all of a sudden, all the maids and eunuchs and all the other workers saw them dancing like chickens. They thought it was weird yet interesting so they watched them dance but instead started dancing like chickens too.

However, MC was starting to get bored of dancing the chicken dance, quickly drifting away from Yi and towards the snack table, her eyes captivated by the vast array of food. She soon realized her fellow dancers looked more appealing. Their perfumes filled her nose and the food was irrelevant.

Glancing at the crowd of people, MC was extremely attracted to the pile of gifts that were in Yuexiu's hands. She could see something shiny peeking out of the pile.

She was so excited at seeing the shiny object that she lunged forward...knocking Yuexiu over into a stranger! As they both composed themselves from the embarrassment and looked up at this stranger.

MC was flustered as she looked over to Yuexiu who was blushing just as much. The stranger had handsome sharp features as he smiled at MC with his bright white teeth, "Isn't it your birthday today?"

MC nodded.

The stranger smiled, "Happy birthday, little one."

The stranger's focus quickly shifted right onto Yuexiu. "Now who's this beauty?"

Yuexiu widened her eyes.

MC’s eyes light up. MC has been trying to find a noble family for Yuexiu to marry into, as she has helped MC countless times during her stay at the Harem.

“This is my lady in waiting, Yuexiu.”


The stranger’s ears perked up as he heard “Lady in waiting”. He grinned from ear to ear at Yuexiu, as his eyes looked her up and down. Yuexiu blushed instantly, and curtseyed to the stranger.

MC quickly senses the mutual attraction between Yuexiu and the stranger.  MC’s gaze shifts to the stranger. “And who might you be?”

"Oh don't worry my fair lady, you will know soon. Yuexiu, would you like to have this dance with me?"

MC is curious of who this man may be, but she allowed for Yuexiu to have a man for herself. Soon MC saw the Emperor, dressed as if he was going to the most prestigious place of the land, the Emperor who caught MC staring at him waved at her, "Hello, my love"

MC is speechless, for this man who was once the one she loved most was that handsome, MC became guilty, for she was having an affair with Lord Yi.

However, MC remembered the countless times the Emperor had chosen other concubines over her, and had her exiled to the far, cold palace. So, she pushed the little guilt to the back of her mind, and continued to supervise Yuexiu and the mysterious stranger. MC wondered if she would be able to act freely as Yuexiu did, without a care in the world.

“Maybe I could run away with Lord Yi....” MC mumbled to herself. A twig suddenly snapped, and MC turned around to find the Emperor!

He had heard her little murmur.

Mc was shocked, her eyes widening in fright before quickly running away from the scene. MC rushed to find Lord Yi. It was only a matter of time before the Emperor could execute MC and Lord Yi for treason and adultery.

She found Lord Yi with Physician Xu. Quickly pulls Lord Yi away, MC whispered into his ears, “The Emperor knows. We have to leave immediately.”

Lord Yi was shocked, but this didn’t come as a surprise to him. He knew that eventually their love would be hard to hide and it would have eventually be exposed by someone, unfortunately, it was the Emperor. “I have already started packing months ago when I first laid eyes on you. I was ready to leave at any given moment. All you had to do was say you want to leave.”

While MC was flattered, this was no time to get feelings and act on it. MC and Yi had to leave quickly before the guards found out about the affair.

But what about Yuexiu?

Yuexiu was busy decorating the birthday celebration. But when she noticed her MC is back. She rushed back to MC’s room to quickly tidy up and avoid any suspicions.


When MC and Lord yi reach outside of the room. Lord yi told MC that he had something else to do, while Yuexiu was tidying up . MC quickly walked towards her room and when she entered, she saw nobody was there.


Where did Yuexiu go?


Turns out the stranger that was courting Yuexiu earlier was a big Emperor Mu fan.

When he got wind of MC and Yi's affair, his fanboy heart was incensed. He immediately brought Yuexiu to another room and began working his charm on Yuexiu to convince her to betray her Mistress.


Yuexiu’s heart was ultimately was torn. After everything they've been through, and especially on MC's birthday, but alas, the handsome stranger, with his 100 watt smile offered her a deal she could not refuse.


Yuexiu made up her mind, she made out with the handsome man and said "I'll handle this" then she smacked him in the back of his neck, she ran to see her master. Yuexiu fell down while running away, losing all her memories from the past 5 years.


Having a weird gut feeling that something had happened to Yuexiu MC paused in her steps, thinking that it might have been just her irritable bowel movements induced by stress. Stuck with thoughts of what would become of her fate with Yi, MC decided to take desperate measures into her hands.


"I am sure Mu would not have spoken about this to anyone else yet. He has too much pride to think that I or Yi would cross him", MC muttered to herself...and then smiled in glee as a dark look crossed her eyes.


"It's time. Time to end this game...Mu must die!"




"Aack! Who's there? Is that a ghost? Hello?" MC called out into the empty room as her eyes twitched and then she slowly retreated to the bathroom. A faint smell wafted through the room and reached Wei who was hiding in the corner.


MC followed the scent which gradually grew stronger, finding Wei crouching down, arms crossed against his stomach. Before she could even ask Wei the obvious question, MC felt dizzy and dropped to the floor.


MC was disgusted but due to her polite upbringing, he handed a medicine for stomachache to Wei and asked him to take care of his business. MC left him and looked for Yuexiu. She found her disheveled handmaid behind a tree, busily straightening out her crumpled skirt and combing her disheveled hair.


MC ran over to Yuexiu while Lord Yi stayed hidden as they couldn't afford to be seen together due to having to go on the run.


"Yuexiu?!?!!!!" Yuexiu, all sorts of confused, looked at MC and said "Who's Yuexiu?"


An extended "Wazzup!?!" could be heard coming towards them. Lord Yi soon rushed over upon hearing this interaction.


Behind Lord Yi was an entourage of palace fan girls. They 'ooo'd’ and giggled at everything he did.


"MC what have you done to your handmaiden?" He asked with concern looking into Yuexiu's eyes.


The palace fan girls giggled again.


MC replied, "I didn't do anything to her, I found her like this just a minute ago. What should I do? I left her with a stranger who had obviously taken an interest in her at the dance. We can't leave her here like this, we must go and find this guy and make him tell us what he did to her."


So Lord Yi and MC left finding this stranger who had danced with Yuexiu a while ago.


They found the stranger back at the birthday party. To their surprise, he was sitting next to Emperor Mu and they looked quite chummy. When MC and Yi approached them, to their surprise they received a big smile from Mu. 

This is the part I of the Chain Story, Yuexiu will release the rest soon~

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