Faction Battle Winners Interviews II2019-07-11 14:13:28

Your Highness,

Reporter Yuexiu brings you an INTERVIEW from 0RI0N (NA-S233), who represents the Faction - Stars. Today 0RI0N will share faction's experience in Faction Battle.

1. What faction and server are you representing?

My faction is Stars of NA-S233. 

2. How was your overall experience with Faction Battle?

 I admit that in the beginning, even with the guide from thr SEA server players, myself and my faction was a bit confused on what was supposed to happen. We really was confused when we ended up with a "Bye" and couldn't enter the battle on the first day. Then qe realized it was a Bracket style matchups and we had to wait until we were finally matched with another faction to battle.

3. What was your favorite part or a positive aspect of Faction Battle that you enjoyed?

I enjoyed how my already active members came together and worked hard to obtain the points in the initial week of the faction battle. Also having something to look forward too each night (our server's time) brought our faction that much closer and we remained active and worked hard as a team.

4. What hardships did you encounter during Faction Battle?

The main hardship was the initial confusion on what we were supposed to do, but once we figured it out we were able to strategize what to do next.

5. How did your faction achieve victory in your division? What strategies or tips did you employ?

Our initial thought was to have all 10 of our members with the most might defending our Guardian. But after more thought and talking it over with my Deputy Leaders and some members we decided to nix that idea and mix it up a bit. I don't want to say more than that as I don't want to give away all our secrets to victory. 

6. What is your hope for future Faction Battles?

I'd love to see the prices in Ingots reduced when searching for Helpers and also for Inspiring ny Faction. Sometimes it's hard to have such amounts of Ingots available to do either one.

7. Your personal acceptance speech.

I want to thank all the amazing members of Stars. We are like one big family and they make me more proud each day that passes. Without them, Stars would not be the faction that it is and we'd never have achieved the victory like we did. Here's to many more victories with my family.

Thank you for joining Faction Battle, Yuexiu hopes you all can achieve better results.

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