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MC's Birthday Party at the Palace II

Written by Royal Chaos Discord Members

Compiled by Royal Chaos Discord Staff 


"Ah, MC! Brother! What a delight to see you." His eyes twinkling, he turned to the stranger next to him. 


"Turns out your birthday is a day where many wishes are fulfilled and I realized that this here is my future, with the love of my life . . . Bob."


MC and Yi were baffled. MC then remembered why they came here and said, "Ah! Right! Yuexiu-"


Bob shook his head and interrupted. "Sorry, I have no interest in her and have not seen her since a while back. Please give her my well wishes and thank her for helping me to see the light."


MC and Yi stared at each other, then at the Emperor and Bob as MC started to mentally connect the dots. 


She should have known about the emperor's tastes when he wore the robe hand-knitted by eunuch Sixi. Still, she felt sorry for poor Yuexiu, and for herself.


MC started to daydream about how carefree her life would be now that Emperor Mu had a true love.


She turned to Yi, "Do you still want to leave or do you want to stay?"


Yi stared at Mu and Bob again and looked at her with so much love, "I think we should stay. This is home and I believe we'll be fine from now on."


Yuexiu let out a loud AHEM getting everyone's attention. "What year is this? and where is your baby MC?!"


MC gasped. She had forgotten about Yuexiu and her goldfish memory.......


MC’s eyes widened and she coughed nervously. “What baby?” 


MC shook her head sadly. Her tiny baby had passed away 4 years ago and Yuexiu had forgotten all about the event.


Before MC could say anything else, Yuexiu started talking about her own child, a goldfish named Shark. "I need to go back to my place and feed Shark, he likely hasn't eaten anything today, and may we all stay in the palaces good graces. Good day to you." Yuexiu stood up, curtsied to Lord Yi and then started to run home to her goldfish, Shark . . . who last existed 4 years ago. 


Seeing how Yuexiu had become, not only had she lost her memories,  she even started to have hallucination now, MC decided Yuexiu had to be treated, thus MC went to find the famous physician named Hua Tuo to come and aid Yuexiu’s troubled memory. 


Hua Tuo rushed over in a hurry after getting summoned by the imperial officer and quickly called for Yuexiu to come over in order to diagnose her by looking at her eyes, feeling her pulse, and asking questions about what she had eaten, seen, or heard during the day, but Yuexiu was able to answer him.


Whilst he was examining Yuexiu, MC was in a daze.

Seeing how handsome Hua Tuo was, MC suddenly remembered what her dream was. Her true purpose when entering Mu's harem was to slowly steal all his concubines and be the true “Harem Princess”. Of course, neither the concubines nor Lord Yi were enough; she wanted all the hearts. 


Now that she recalled her ambition, she needed to put her plans into action. Quickly deciding that her first victim would be this charming Hua Tuo. 


MC then tried to run to Yuexiu, worried but ended up stumbling on her dress and falling.  


Hua Tuo rushed to check up on MC: "Ma'am, are you alright? Did you hurt yourself?" 


MC looked up to Hua Tuo with tears in her eyes and said: "Tuo Tuo ah~ Do you have a bandage? I scraped my knees, falling for you." 


Hua Tuo flabbergasted, asked, "Did you also hit your head? Let me feel your pulse." As he was trying to feel her pulse, she clasped her hand on his. "Tuo Tuo, you will not be able to feel any pulses because you’re guilty for stealing my heart."

Hua Tuo was shocked by the affection shown by the young lady as Lord Yi was present in the room, but upon looking at her flushed cheeks and feverish temperature, he realized that the MC was under the influence of a drug...a strong mind controlling aphrodisiac at that. "Lady, I am afraid that you are sick and-"

It was then that MC realised that there was something wrong with her thoughts earlier. "Aaaaaahhhhh!" screamed MC as she collapsed to the ground holding her head in pain.


Lord Yi rushed to her side trying to comfort her. "What can you do, Physician Hua? Please help her!" Yi wailed as he supported MC who started to spew blood.

Hua Tuo thought for a moment before cautiously asking, "Do you want the good news or the bad news first?"


Hua Tuo clapped his hand before proceeding to explain MC's condition, "I can definitely treat her and remove the effects of the drug...however, her current state would mean the use of another method."

"What do you mean?"

"She's pregnant."

Lord Yi couldn’t hide his shock. "And the bad news?"

“The baby did not make it” Hua Tuo said in a grave tone. Everyone at the party was shocked. Hua Tuo went on, explaining “the drug was too potent for her body to handle and the baby was aborted.”

Yuexiu ran over to MC, in state of confusion and anger, “Who dared poison my lady!” Soon MC was moved back to her palace as Hua Tuo continued to treat her. The party was disbanded and all efforts were in vain. The MC‘s slowly fading  into the dark abyss of her consciousness as Yuexiu chanted “Please be ok my lady! My lady!”


Everyone turned to Hua Tuo in anger. How dare he say the first part of the news when the small child had died. 


MC slowly raised her hand, grasping for a hand until she felt someone shaking her, jolting her awake, as she ended up slapping the one who shook her consciousness back . . . Lord Yi. But then, MC realized her fist was clenched, so she actually punched him in the face.


Hua Tuo, lost on what to do, got his brush and started writing a long letter to his friend Shizhen. Yuexiu questioned him on what the letter was for. Hua Tuo answered her that it is for the greatest suicidal doctor Shizhen. 


Yuexiu, angered by Hua Tuo's stupidity, slapped him and said, "Impetuous! We have a freaking lovebird that can deliver the message through chat. Old geezer!"


Lord Yi, held his black eye with an ice pack while Hua Tuo sweats over his discovered romantic relationship with Shizhen. 


Blaming himself for giving away his feelings in the past, he summoned a pink lovebird with a whistle. Yuexiu, cluck her tongue with an 'I told you so' expression on her face. With shame burning on his face, Hua Tuo chatted with the lovebird, bidding his lover, Shizhen to come quickly. 


While MC laid on the bed, drowned with guilt from slapping Lord Yi, now oblivious to what is happening around her.


In a bathroom not far away, a man dropped a sweet honey scented bar of soap.


It was Wei. 


Still stuck in the toilet with indigestion. He tried to reach for the soap and instead it slipped out of his hands again, sliding out of the unlocked room and into the courtyard.


Emperor Mu just happened to stroll by with his lover Bob when he found the soap on the ground. "Your majesty, would you like this soap?" asked Bob while wiggling his eyebrows as he bent down to retrieve the soap. 


"Ohohohoho~ that soap seems really good", replied Mu while covering his blushing face with a fan.


Back in the lavatory, Wei called out to Yuexiu who happened to pass by to help him search for the soap. They both followed the soap trail and discovered a new world.


"What kind of massage is that?" asked Wei. "Sssshhh, let's just forget the soap. I doubt you can use it now, replied Yuexiu as she tried to drag Wei away. Not noticing that she had stepped on the soapy trail, Yuexiu slid and then hit her head on a rock, regaining all her lost memories at once.


Yue Xiu slaps Wei and he bows down before her, she demanded he order fried chicken for forgiveness.


Wei huffed and turned away his head. 


"No way. I got you back your memories and this is what you do to me?" He shook his head in defiance, "Do you know how hard it is to get fried chicken in this day and age?"


Yuexiu rolled her eyes. Wei continued.


"Besides, you were looking like a lunatic back there when you just so happened to forget all of your memories."


Yuexiu huffed, "Might have been better back then too."


Wei angrily glared . He was getting tempted to push Yuexiu again until suddenly a plate of fried chicken appeared behind her, carried by a live chicken.


"Now that's murder," MC declared.


Lord Yi, with his swollen, black eye, caught up with MC and carried her bridal style. He worriedly turned to Hua Tuo. "Is the MC's disease contagious? Why are all the people in the Palace afflicted with the disease by thinking that a chicken can carry a platter of fried chicken? How heartless and inhumane!"


Hua Tuo wore a blank expression as he didn't know how to answer Lord Yi but he quietly observed the MC sleeping in the prince's arm when suddenly a thunderbolt starting to drop from the sky appearing out of nowhere, rapidly approaching the group.


MC quickly woke up from her coma, with sweat covering her entire body, "What happened?" she hoarsely whispered. 


But what she wasn’t aware of the Chicken God Lan Jingyi quietly watching over her waiting to make her pay for not being appreciative towards the chickens.


MC urgently ran to her backyard, jumping over the fence to her neighbor's. "Mine.” She screeched as she stole a chicken.


Meanwhile, a soap maker named Bob suddenly sneezed. How strange, I keep getting chills since last night. .. was anyone gossiping behind my back?’ 


Bob then continued to prepare the soaps that he’s going to sell at the market later.


Bob, the soap maker later decided to make a new kind of soap deciding to approach Hua Tuo and Li Shi Zhen to learn about herbs which can be added into the soap for relaxation.


Being consultant to Bob's new formula for his invention soap, Hua Tuo and Li Shi Zhen both unanimously decided that they will help him on one condition - He had to supply their patients with free soaps at the same time he has to come and help them going around treating patients for one month.


Sensing the danger in the Palace, MC started to treat the vast amount of people who were infected by the horrid hallucinations, until suddenly her eyes started to fade again and her breathing started to constrict. MC quickly felt her heart started to slow down and hush into a quiet. 


Her eyes slowly slid down and covers her pupils, her breath slowly puffing away. 


The night had started to fade and the cool black tones started to glaze over the midnight sky, the sun slowly rising over the horizon, peeking through the bushes and trees, splaying over the reflection in the Palace pond. 


“MC, MC!” Yuexiu yelled, pushing MC’s shoulder with her hands. “Wake up or you’re going to be late for your Birthday Party!”



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