New Update Preview-Equipment Refine& Ascend& New Story 2019-07-26 20:26:24

Your highness,


Yuexiu is glad to inform you that a new update is on the way. This upcoming update will bring many new features to the game, including the equipment refine system, new chapters , new skins & costumes, and a new pet. Now let's have a quick look.

=== Equipment Refine ===

The Equipment Refine system will be added to the game after the upcoming update. Equipment whose quality is Epic and above can be refined to increase its attributes and might.


To refine a piece of equipment will consume a certain amount of Refine Stones. The refined equipment will gain Refine Attributes, which can be used to replace its current attributes and increase its might.


Your highness can lock one or more current attributes before refining the equipment, the type of the locked attributes will stay the same after refining. 


Each refinement will increase the Refine Points of the equipment. Once the Refine Points are full, the Refine Level will be up and the Might Limit of the equipment will be increased.

Refine Stones can be obtained from Intrigue.

=== Pink Equipment Ascend ===


Your highness will be able to ascend your pink equipment after the upcoming update. To ascend a piece of equipment will consume Quench Stone and Crystalized Stone.


Every Ascension will grant you a fixed increase on the certain attributes, the increased attribute types vary in different parts.


=== New Story Line ===


Following Chapters will be available to play after the upcoming update:


Chapter 44 of the main story line, Chapter 12 of Dating, and Chapter 17 of Banquet.

=== New Skins & Costumes ===


New Skins & Costumes will be added to the game after the upcoming update:


Hero Skins


Fabled Skin of Pan An - Unrivaled Glamor


Elite Skin of Song Yu - Maple Sky


Elite Skin of Xuanji - Land Fragrance




Fabled Costume - Dream Wedding


Fabled Costume - Chant of War


Epic Costume - Lovely Bonds


Epic Costume - Exotic Fantasy


Epic Costume - Gurgling Brook


Epic Costume - Waterside Ballad


Epic Costume - Unparalleled Beauty


There are some other costumes & skins that will be added to the game, your highness can check them in game after the update.

=== New Pet ===


A new Fabled Pet Kong Kong is coming! Kong Kong is a little monkey who is smart and agile in battle.


Active Skill: When an enemy performs a Crit ability attack, it will deal a certain percent DMG dealt by basic attack to extra 2 enemies in the next basic attack. 3 chances maximum.


Passive Skill: Kong Kong will also bring to your highness extra Exp bonus from Auto Battle when you are off line.


Such an adorable and powerful pet, Kong Kong will definitely be a helpful companion!


=== New Rings ===


The 4th series of rings called Nocturnal Reverie will be added to the Overseas Travel after the update. Collect them as soon as possible!


=== Faction Battle Costume Box ===


A new costume box, Sweet Deer Box, is going to be added to the Bet Shop of Faction Battle after the update!


Your highness can participate in the faction battle to obtain this gorgeous costume!


In addition to adding the above content to the game, this update will also optimize many functions.


The new update is coming soon! Yuexiu can't wait to have more fun with my lovely ladies in Royal Chaos!

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