Best Wishs To Royal Chaos- Sweet Memory2019-08-15 15:18:50

Your Highness,

The English version of Royal Chaos has been accompanying you for a year. During the anniversary celebration, we held multiple events to thank you for your support, and you all took an active part in them, which means a lot to us.

We also received many good wishes from all of you during the anniversary. Let's have a look!

Saltcookie from NA-S230

Happy birthday Royal Chaos! Created this today since my favorite part of the game is the pets


熊猛乄Ery from SEA-S94

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Greetings from my favorite ladies of the story Ling Ruo with the BFFs taking group pics before Noble Consort Nian caught them While Male MC is the one holding the camera.


Elaryth from EU-S33

Have a great year incoming, full of joy and great news !
This is me in chinese fox cosplay, fully handmade few years ago, I thought blowing a kiss might be nice to wish a birthday gift.


Seleniya from EU-S29 

Happy anniversary Royal Chaos, thank you for my everyday fun and relaxation. 
Due to lack of time here just a tiny scrabble, because I still have to pack for my vacation tomorrow. But I just couldn't leave without leaving a little something. 


Cano 亮 from NA-S242

Happy anniversary! Ive loved this game for the few months I’ve been playing it and have made amazing friends in the process! Many of us stick together when going to new servers and always have a blast! I drew a fanart of Nian Suyan since shes my favorite character (I always chose west and I love her design!) I hope to keep seeing more amazing things being added to the game and for many more anniversary celebrations! 


Above are the wishes from several of our players. Thank you again for your love and support for Royal Chaos all the time.


With all your blessings in our hearts, we will never stop making Royal Chaos a better game!

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