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Since the update on 9/25, we have received reports from a number of players that they couldn't find their characters after entering the game because the default server in their new client was reset to the newest server of their district after they uninstalled the old client and installed the new client. Today we are here to guide you how to retrieve your character on different occasions. 

Q 1:I directly logged in the game after I updated the client only to find I was asked to create a character. Is my character lost?

A: We can assure you that your character will not be lost. As long as you follow these steps after you update the client, you will be able to enter your character.

1. The game records your login history, including your account and recent server, if you have not uninstalled the client.

2. On the login screen, tap on the server to view the server list, and at the top of the server list, there is your recent server with the character name you have created beneath it. 


3. Tap the server you want to enter and you will be able to play the character again. 

Q 2:What should I do if I forgot my account and server?

A: If you unfortunately forgot your account and server, please do not worry. Just follow these steps and you will be able to retrieve your account in no time. 

1. Guest Account: For guest account users, at the first time you log in the game, you will be asked to take a photo of your automatically generated guest account and password, and then save to your Album on your device. If you forgot your guest account, you will need to look up in your Album and see if you can still find the picture with your guest account and password. 

2. Registered WishGamer Account: If you forgot your registered WishGamer account, first you need to try you best to look back what your character name and server possibly are, and send the lead by e-mail to Our customer service team will do their best to help you locate your server and retrieve your account. 

3. Third-party Account: If you have played the game on your third-party account, Facebook, Twitter, Google or Game Center, you will only need to tap the corresponding third-party login icon and authorize the login request to log in your account. 

Q 3:What if I forgot everything, my account, password, character name and the server?

A: We have to admit this is a little challenging on this occasion, but there are still ways to work this out on our side. So please don't hesitate to send an e-mail to or message our costumer service team on Facebook page "Royal Chaos" to address your issue and let us help. 

In conclusion, we still need to remind you that it's very important to keep your account information in mind. 


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