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Your highness,

Zhuge Liang is the symbol of loyalty and wisdom in Chinese traditional culture.

In Royal Chaos, Zhuge Liang becomes to a fabled Chess Master with AOE damage and self-protection ability.



Zhuge Liang could be the most tankiest DPS up to now in Royal Chaos.

A. His passive skill not only provides huge damage boost but also reduces the damage he takes dramatically.

B. His active skill deals AOE damage, and boosts the critical damage of his followup attack.



(All skill effects will intensify as leveling up)

Overall, Yuexiu suggests building Zhuge Liang as an AOE damage dealer with certain damage taken ability.


Duality Set is recommended, for its ATK, Crit, ACC and HP boost match Zhuge Liang's skills extremely. ATK, needless to say, increases his damage instantly. Crit & ACC increases the proc chances of critical damage boost effect in his active skill. Last, more HP helps to stand longer in the battle.

In addition, Bliss Set is also a good choice. The added AGI helps Zhuge Liang attack faster and more frequently.



Zhuge Liang's destiny treasure is Fan Pendant, increases ATK and Crit with destiny HP boost, which are the exact attributes he needs. The treasures with ATK and Crit attributes are also optional before your ladies get a Zhuge Liang's destiny treasure.




ATK, Crit and AGI are highly recommended. As Yuexiu mentioned above, ATK and Crit gems fit Zhuge Liang's active skill and AGI gems help Zhuge Liang attack faster. 



Which heroes are Zhuge Liang's perfect matches? Here are Yuexiu's opinions:

All-sided embattle: Zhuge Liang + Prince Jing


Benefits by the protection of Prince Jing's control & damage taken in the front, Zhuge Liang would be able to attack safely in the back. More over, Prince Jing's healing works with Zhuge Liang's damage taken reduction, which improves Zhuge Liang's survivability further. They are perfect match.

Long Lasting embattle: Zhuge Liang + Wan'er


Wan'er provides high HP recovery which helps Zhuge Liang keep healthy to trigger passive skill's damage boost constantly. On the other hand, when Zhuge Liang's HP lower than 50%, his viability will be greatly improved with the powerful healing of Wan'er. It's a very tough embattle and hard to kill.

Explosive embattle: Zhuge Liang + Lord Yi/Li Bai


Zhuge Liang attacks first, deals AOE critical damage to cut down enemies HP rapidly. Next, the reap heros like Lord Yi or Li Bai will clean up the battlefield.

In a word, as an AOE damage dealer with self-protection, Zhuge Liang is suitable for multifarious embattles.

Here's the suggested embattle for each class:

Scholar      Prince Jing    Wan'er         Zhuge Liang      Li Bai/Lord Yi


Guard        Wan'er        Taiping       Zhuge Liang    Xuanji  


Chef          Prince Jing    Taiping       Zhuge Liang     Song Yu


Physician   Prince Jing    Wan'er       Zhuge Liang    Xuanji   


Remember Yuexiu's suggestion: If your team need a strategist, Zhuge Liang is your first choice!

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