GameCenter User Account Binding Guide2019-07-06 10:20:17

Your Highness,

We are about to hold the 2nd Royal Chaos Fan Art Contest to celebrate the first anniversary of the release of Royal Chaos English Version.


When the contest is on, a Wish Interactive account would be required for all players to participate in the contest. For iOS users who log in to the game with GameCenter account, we strongly recommend you to bind your GameCenter account(if you are using one) to your Wish Interactive account so that you can join in the contest as well.


You may follow next steps to finish the binding:


Tap ‘Binding’ in the top left corner of the login interface.


Enter your e-mail address and verify it, set your password, and tap ‘OK’ to bind.


Then you will be able to log in to the contest page (once the contest is on) with the e-mail address you just entered. 



You can vote for other players’ works or contribute yours on this age. Either way, you will get a chance to collect generous rewards.

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