Royal Chaos Third Party Boost Violations Announcement2018-04-23 17:18:33

In order to maintain a clean and fair environment in Royal Chaos, our team are always dealing with third party boost, illegal account transactions and other user agreement vioaltions. We are now solemnly declaring that Royal Chaos will not tolerant any third party boost, illegal recharge or any other <Terms of Services> violations. Those players who have conducted wrongful acts agianst <Terms of Services> will face serious consequences.

Illegal Activities include followings (but are not limited to):

1. Using hacks or scripts to obtain event items or exp.

2. Publish third party boost services, third party recharge and other illegal information.

3. Creating "alts" accounts, participate in game events and send items to main accounts.

4. Use alts to aid main accounts to complete game events: pagent, rankings etc.

These actions above violates the <Terms of Services> No.13 Handling Rules on Illegitimate Gains. No.15 Handling Rules of Anti-harassment in the Game;No.17 Handling Rules on Using Game Bugs & Third-party Software.

If you have discovered any suspicious activities in game, you are welcome to report them to us, and we will start investigation process as soon as possible!

How to Appeal If My Account Got Frozen?

Pelease send an email under the following format to this email address:

Subject: Royal Chaos smurf accounts appeal

1. Server name, Character name

2. Character creation time

3. Login time and account activities in the last 3 days

Our customer service team will respond to you within 3 working days during Monday to Friday 9:00~18:00 (UTC+8). Please make sure that you have provided all the information required above, otherwise it might affect the time duration of your account appeal process.

Kind Reminder

1. Do not attempt to trespass the law and post nudity, violence infomation.

2. Do not violate other players' rights.

3. Do not post any kinds of advertisments.

A fair and clean game environment requires all of us to put in effort. Your support will be a huge step towards a better Royal Chaos.

As always, we wish you good luck and have fun in Royal Chaos, thank you!

Royal Chaos team

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