• [Gameplay]Learning Makes Your Heirs Strong -- The Imperial Study Guide02-13

    Imperial Study is now available in Royal Chaos! As a parent, one of your responsibilities is to educate your heirs. Lead your heirs to learn skills from masters and win amazing rewards. How to cultivate your heirs to elitist? Check this out.

  • [Gameplay]The 2nd Anniversary Celebration Event Tips01-19

    The Celebration of 2 Years Anniversary has grandly started! How many lanterns have you lighted? Don‘t worry about it! As long as you follow Yuexiu‘s tips, we will achieve the Costume Rewards definitely!

  • [Gameplay]Assemble to Challenge - Team Instance01-09

    A brand new challenge is on - the Team Instance. The imperial bulletin releases Rewards Quests every week. Each quest means an instance with a mighty boss. Complete the quest by defeating the boss to win amazing quest rewards. But you can‘t do it alone, you‘ll need to invite your friends & group a threesome team.

  • [Gameplay]Become a Parent - Heir Guide Part II10-11

    As I promised, this time Yuexiu brought you the part II of heir guide. This part features on teenhood of Heirs‘. Come have a look!

  • [Gameplay]Heir Guide Part I - Become a Parent09-30

    The Heir system has been online for a while. Have your highness gotten an Heir of your own? The Heir system has brought many new features to Royal Chaos. Please check this comprehensive Heir guide if you have any question about how to raise an Heir!

  • [Gameplay]Equipment Refine Guide - Refine Equip to a New Level08-02

    Equipment Refine system will update to the game, your highness can add Refine Attributes to your equipment in the latest version of Royal Chaos.

  • [Gameplay]Premium Token Guide07-09

    A new event called Premium Token is going to be added to the game. The S1 season of the event will be officially opened on Monday, July 15th.

  • [Gameplay]Weapon Evolving Guide06-06

    It‘s time to evolve your weapons! Choose the style you like and make it more dazzling.

  • [Gameplay]Grand Feast Guide05-27

    Grand Feast Guide

  • [Gameplay]Faction Battle Guide: We are the Champions05-17

    Faction Battle will come next week finally. Work together to fight for your faction and strive for the champion!