• [Event]Memories in the Palace - 3rd Anniversary for the English Version06-27

    It has been 3 years since the launch of the English version of Royal Chaos! Could you still remember your feelings when you first stepped into the palace? Do you have any sad or happy memories during these three years? Let‘s celebrate together with the memory of these years~ At the same time, you have a chance to win the free costume and Ingot as the reward for this event! Let‘s get the first glimpse of this anniversary event!

  • [Event][Memories in the Palace] Web Event FAQ06-30

    [Memories in the Palace - 3rd Anniversary for the English Version] FAQ

  • [Event][Let’s 3lebrate - The 3rd Anniversary Event] FAQ01-20

    [Let’s 3lebrate - The 3rd Anniversary Event] FAQ

  • [Event]Let’s 3lebrate - The 3rd Anniversary Event01-20

    Time went by before we knew it. It has been three years since you stepped into Royal Chaos~ To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary, Emperor Mu has prepared generous rewards and various interesting events for you. Hurry up, let‘s see the preview of the celebration!

  • [Event][Memories between Us - The 3rd Anniv. Pre-registration] FAQ01-14

    [Memories between Us - The 3rd Anniv. Pre-registration] FAQ

  • [Event]Memories between Us - The 3rd Anniv. Pre-registration01-12

    2020/1/25 will mark three years since the Royal Chaos was released. It‘s thanks to the support of all Your Highness that we could make it this far. It‘s not much, but Yuexiu prepared some surprises and the latest Flowers for you! Come and pre-register to unlock the reward! When the pre-registration number reaches 5k and 10k, rewards will be granted to everyone. Let the memories bloom with flowers~

  • [Event]2020 Christmas Event - Romantic Roam12-22

    Your Highness! Merry Xmas!! Yuexiu heard that Emperor Mu has prepared various rewards for this year‘s Christmas event! See? Cute Ride is waiting for you in the Stream Land~

  • [Event][Knock Knock Emperor Mu - Halloween 2020] FAQ10-30

    Delay may happen when we send out in-game rewards. Please check again 15min later. If you still cannot receive any rewards, please contact our customer service team at hw_service@haowanyou.net.

  • [Event]Knock Knock Emperor Mu - Halloween 202010-29

    Good news, Your Highness~ Halloween is coming! Let‘s knock on Emperor Mu‘s door and see how he treats us~ Yuexiu heard the final reward would be a Halloween Costume Choice Pack! Ready? 3, 2, 1, TRICK OR TREAT!

  • [Event]Protect Pumpkins——Halloween 202010-26

    Protect Pumpkins——Halloween 2020