Third-party Recharge Is Not Allowed in Royal Chaos2018-09-19 22:50:38

Your Highness,

Recently some players have found their accounts frozen with a notice that their accounts were involved in third-party recharge, and some reported that they hadn’t received the Jade they topped up because of their using third-party recharge methods. This announcement is to guide all Royal Chaos players how to appeal if you find your account involved in illegal recharge.


How to Appeal If My Account Got Frozen due to Third-party Recharge?

If you confirm that all your recharges have been made on AppStore by yourself rather than on other recharge channels or by other people, please contact our customer service team by sending an e-mail to to appeal, and your e-mail will be repied in 3 working days. 

The following information must be included in your e-mail.

1.Your login account. 

2.Your server name.

3.Your character name (Please do not change your character name during the appeal period)

4.Your Apple ID

5.Screenshots of all the invoices you have received from Apple, which must include the date, time, Apple ID and order number.

6.Detailed description of your issue or appeal. If your issue is relevant to another Royal Chaos user, his or her character name and server name must be provided as well.

7.Bank transactions can not be submitted as proof when you appeal.

8.If you confirm that you used third-party recharge method, you will not need to contact our team since your account is or will be permantly frozen.



We have received dozens of reports that players lost their accounts or money when or after they used third-party recharge channel. We have been helping these players retrieve their accounts, but more importantly, we need all players to be aware of the risks that third-party recharge may cause and stand up to say NO to third-party recharge. 

The fact is third-party agency or channel uses illegal bank cards, stolen credit cards or illegal gift cards to recharge, during which players’ account information is not be secured and highly possible leaked.

To maintain the order and fairness of palace and guarantee the safety of your account, the Royal Chaos team determines to severely punish third-party recharge. 

Punitive measures include but are not limited to:

1. Freeze Jade and Ingots that you obtained from third-party recharge.

2. Deduct Jade and Ingots that you obtained from third-party recharge.

3. Take all relevant rewards that you have benefited from third-party recharge..

4. Temporaryly or permanently freeze account.

5. Any losses caused by third-party recharge, (e.g,  not receiving event rewards after top-up) will not be compensated by the Royal Chaos Team.

All players are encouraged to report third-party recharge behaviors around you! Your support will be a huge step towards a better Royal Chaos.

The Royal Chaos Team

9/19, 2018

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