06/28 Update & Client Forced Update Announcement2022-06-21 19:29:46

Your Highness,

For your better game experience, we will release a new client for updating multiple new gameplays during the server maintenance on 06/28/2022. Also, a forced client update will be required. Please arrange your time in advance. Thank you very much for supporting Royal Chaos!

Tips: All the time below refers to server time: SEA Server Time is (UTC+8), NA (UTC-7) and EU (UTC+2).

【Client Forced Update Starts】

SEA: 13:30, 06/28/2022

NA: 22:30, 06/27/2022

EU: 07:30, 06/28/2022

【Maintenance Duration】

SEA: 13:00~20:00, 06/28/2022

NA: 22:00, 06/27/2022 ~ 05:00, 06/28/2022

EU: 07:00~14:00, 06/28/2022

Tips: If there is an adjustment of Maintenance Time, further announcement will be given.

【The Latest Version and Patch】

After the maintenance, the latest version and patch will be for both iOS and Google.

【New Features】

1. New Storyline Chapters: 71-80

2. New Function: Intensify of Godly Equipment

3. New Explore: Inspection (Entrance-Travel)

4. Function expansion of Equipment Refine: Toughen

5. Function expansion of Hero Upgrade: Sublime

6. New Function: Quick Upgrade & Quick Awaken

7. New MC and heir costumes

8. New super-fabled Hero: Athena

9. New Hero Skin of Athena

10. New Double Ride: Ablaze Nebula

11. New Relics

12. New Weapon: Keen Stratus

13. New Pair Decors: Summer Sands, Lune Apsara

14. New head frames and bubbles

15. New Imprints, Memes and Flowers

【Optimization and Bug Fixes】

1. Brand-new Costume Catalogue

2. Ride Display in Character Interface

3. Reward adjustment of Official Rank Promotion, Daily Quests Chest, Faction Quests, Errand, Biography Instance, Intrigue Chest, Travel, helpers of Faction Battle, etc.

4. Other Optimizations and Bugs fixed


1.All contents of this update is only included in the latest App version 1.5.0. Please update to the latest app version during the maintenance as soon as possible.

2. After the client forced update starts, you can follow the update tip on the login interface and be directed to App Store or Google Play store to update the game. After you successfully update to version 1.5.0, you will be able to claim rewards in Latest Version Event.

3.Time to see the latest client version may vary from one place to another, and you may update to version 1.5.0 before the maintenance, but please be aware that you can only enter the game after the maintenance is completed with version 1.5.0 client. Please be cautious before you do this.

4.Please refer to this announcement to know how to manually update Royal Chaos on App Store or Google Play store: How to Manually Update Royal Chaos

If you have any question about this update, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team for help.


Royal Chaos Customer Service: hw_service@haowanyou.net

Royal Chaos Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/RoyalChaosWG

The Royal Chaos Team


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