2020 Christmas Event - Romantic Roam2020-12-22 13:08:39

Your Highness! Merry Xmas!! Yuexiu heard that Emperor Mu has prepared various rewards for this year's Christmas event! See? Cute Ride is waiting for you in the Stream Land~ 


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Event Duration: 2020/12/23 00:00-2020/12/28 23:59:59(UTC+8)

The Event Page opens on December 22nd. You can log into your account and bind your character in advance. To avoid missing rewards, Yuexiu would suggest you read the Terms carefully.

Join the event now and unlock the jigsaw puzzles to earn Christmas gifts!

Daily Task

When you complete Daily Tasks, you can get the cute Gingerbread Man - the key item to unlock the jigsaw puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle costs 4 Gingerbread Men to unlock. So try to collect as many Gingerbread Men as possible!


Stream Land Photobook

Let's date in Stream Land for this year's Christmas~ Apart from the Daily Tasks, taking a photo in Stream Land with the bamboo/swing/sunflowers/lotus/pavilion could get you Gingerbread Man as well! Don't forget to mark your IGN and server on the photo~ Follow the steps to upload the photo to the Royal Chaos Throwback page and you can get 5 more Gingerbread Men!!



The IGN and server marked on the photo must be the same as the account you bind. When you upload the photo on the Throwback page, select "Picture" to submit, add a tag "Others", and fill in the title and introduction of your photo as required.  Yuexiu will approve your submission as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding your submission, please contact RC customer service. 

Go for Ride

Wait, wait, wait... You don’t think these are all we have for Christmas?Yuexiu has prepared surprises for Your Highness this year! Post the screenshot of a completely-unlocked jigsaw puzzle on our official Facebook page, you will get a chance to have a roaming experience with the latest upcoming Ride, Cute Duck, in Stream Land!!! For detailed terms of this event, please check on our Facebook page!


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Each Facebook account is allowed to enter the pool ONCE ONLY.

For more Christmas Event and rewards details, please keep following our official website and Facebook page~  

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