Let’s 3lebrate - The 3rd Anniversary Event2021-01-20 18:00:00

Dear Your Highness,

Time went by before we knew it. It has been three years since you stepped into Royal Chaos~ To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary, Emperor Mu has prepared generous rewards and various interesting events for you. Hurry up, let's see the preview of the celebration! 


Happy 3rd Anniversary Celebration Event 

Too many things happened in three years... All those moments will be remembered, though not very clearly. Let's revive our memories throughout this anniversary event~ You can win points by participating in any task. Points can be spent on the event page to exchange rewards in the event shop. The exquisite costume - Ultimate Charm, Profile Frame, Head Frame, Bubble and many other beautiful rewards are waiting for Your Highness!


[Event Time]

The 3rd Anniversary Celebration Event will open on 2021/01/22. For more details, please keep following our Official Facebook~

[Event Page]


[Event Terms]

1. Bind your character before joining this event. Each account is allowed to bind ONE character ONLY. Once bound successfully, the character cannot be replaced.

2. You will not be able to claim any rewards on the event page after Feb 1st 23:59:59 (UTC+8). Please remember to claim in time.

3. Rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox. Please check in the game.

4. Points can be spent on this event page only and cannot be exchanged for cash or discount. 

5. Points reset after the event concluded. Please spend in time.

(Check our official site for more details)

1. Royal Chaos Quiz

Yuexiu will publish one game-related question every second day. You have only one chance to guess the right answer every day, but you can share the event page to get an extra chance if you select the wrong answer at first. You will earn 6 points if you're correct~

(Check our official site for more details)


2. Yuexiu's Gallery

Aha~ It's time for Yuexiu to show off my painting talents! Yuexiu will publish one artwork of in-game items every second day. Guess what the item is and leave its name in the comment. Share the event page to get hints if your answer is incorrect. You can win 6 points for each correct answer! What a chance to test our teamwork~

(Check our official site for more details)


3. An Elegant Return

An exclusive invitation code will be generated automatically after you log in and bind your character. Where have you been, my besties? Use the code to invite your friends back and get the points!

(Check our official site for more details)


Thank you for your companions all the way~ Enjoy the 3rd Anniversary Celebration! Let's get together all the time.

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