The 2nd Royal Chaos Fan Art Contest2019-07-05 19:23:36

We are celebrating the first anniversary of Royal Chaos English Version releasing! The 2nd Royal Chaos Fan Art Contest is on. Come on and join us, design your owe Royal Style and win the rewards!

Where to join

Costume Design, Fan Art Panting, COSPLAY

Show off your talent! Chance to win a costume designed by yourself!



Costume Design

Design a costume for Royal Chaos Main Character (Physician, Cheif, Scholar, Guard). with hand-drawn, sketch, multi-perspective view or any other art style. Accept any design as it is based on Royal Chaos Main Character. No type, form or subject limitation.

First Official Choice Award Winner

Title: Nine Tail Fox

Author: Yuuu

The player designed the costume with the theme of the ancient myth Nine-tailed Fox. His design vividly portrayed this oriental legend, and shows its charming, graceful and touching characteristics.

His design has already been crafted to a costume in the game. If you are talented enough, your design may become the next one!



Fan art based on Royal Chaos characters (Main Characters, NPC, Heroes). Any art styles include hand-drawn, sketch, cartoon, manga, cosplay photo are allowed but not limited. 

Works from the First Contest



When we got the certain number of entry, all participants (including contributors and voters) will be able to claim an exclusive costume ‘Honey Snow’!


The format and rules of the contest should be checked on the official page of the Fan Art Contest:

GameCenter User Account Binding Guide

Time to show your talent and fashion taste, and win a self-designed costume!

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