• [News]New Hero Exposed: Zhuge Liang04-01

    The answer is Zhuge Liang!

  • [News]A new hero is coming soon03-25

    Yuexiu brings good news to your highness today, the new hero is coming soon!

  • [News]Update Preview: New Fabled Hero - Prince Jing02-21

    Update Preview: New Fabled Hero - Prince Jing

  • [News]New Update Preview: New Fabled Hero & Fun Island02-18

    New Update Preview: New Fabled Hero & Fun Island

  • [News]To all Royal fans01-17

    In return for the love of you all, we’re holding a series of events with abundant rewards to celebrate the very first year we spend together!

  • [News]New Update Preview: Home & Pet12-12

    It‘s around the middle of December, seems that there are some changes in the palace. Pets are becoming more and more popular recently. The decorating instruction has been removed by the order of Emperor Mu. Would you like to know something about the update in advance?

  • [News]Black Friday - Let‘s get this party started11-21

    Happy Black Friday! To celebrate this crazy week, gorgeous costume [Rosy Romance], exclusive head and bubble frame [Radiant Light] and many other beautiful rewards are waiting for you in Royal Chaos.

  • [News]New Update Preview11-07

    These days, many of you come to me frequently and inquire the contents of update next week. After exploring in the imperial city, I have pieced out a general outline~ Now, let me show you~

  • [News]Ready for Breakthrough: New Update Preview10-12

    Hi ladies and gentlemen! New Update is coming next week! Let‘s have a preview of the new features.

  • [News]New Update Preview09-20

    Finally, the new update is coming soon! You must as thirsty as me. I know you, so let‘s take a preview about new features in this update.