[Memories between Us - The 3rd Anniv. Pre-registration] FAQ2021-01-14 09:00:00

1. How do I login using a third-party account that has not been linked to a Wish account?

Please select the third party login option below the Wish login field. If you are playing RC with a Twitter account, please contact our customer service team at hw_service@haowanyou.net for account transfer. 

You can check your account info in the game. Yes, press that button floating on your screen. And see if your account followed by @XX (FB=@fb; Google=@gg; Twitter=@tw). 



2. Which server do I select if my server has been merged?

Please select the original server your account was on before servers were merged. If the account is not there, please contact customer service.

3. How do I log in with IOS using a GameCenter account?

Please click on the link below for further step by step instructions.


After binding your GameCenter account to an email, use the email given to log in to the event page.

4. Why am I not able to enter my character name after selecting my server? Or why there is a “no character found” notice?

Your character name will automatically show up after selecting the correct server. Please make sure you log in to the correct account. Refer to question No.1 for the method to check account info. If it is still not working, please contact our customer service team at hw_service@haowanyou.net.

5. Why didn't I receive in-game rewards?

Delay may happen when we send out in-game rewards. Please check again 15min later. If you still cannot receive any rewards, please contact our customer service team at hw_service@haowanyou.net.

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