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A few users have asked about gems, so it's time for a gem guide! To learn about how to get gems and gem slots, visit this wiki page. In this guide, I will list the types of gems, who they should go on, and the reasons why. 

Synthesis is not included on the wiki page, but basically you can combine 3 gems of the same type and level into one. Three Lv1 ATK gems can be synthesized into a Lv2 ATK gem. Three Lv2 ATK gems can be synthesized into a Lv3 ATK gem, and so on.

191524103767281020352.png   HP: Hit points aka health    


191524103740019017050.pngACC: Accuracy

191524103723333065328.pngATK: Attack

191524103758729080279.pngEVA: Evasion

191524103745874020654.pngDEF: Defense

191524103730709058226.pngCrit: Critical (chance for increase damage)

191524103752412043084.pngRES: Resilience (reduce chance for crit)

191524103771803082109.pngAGI: Agility aka Speed


Tanks/Front Line: HP, DEF, EVA, RES

Back Line: ATK, ACC, Crit, AGI

Tanks are pretty self explanatory. They're meant to take damage for as long as possible to protect the back line. Back line generally consists of both Scholars and Controls/Heals. Scholars should have ATK, Crit, and ACC since it's the most offensive class. Physicians who have crowd control skills should prioritize AGI.


Chefs mostly depend on skills. For example, Wan'er, a Chef, has a passive skill that lets her heal depend on her own HP. So the more health she has, the more she can heal others. Therefore, you should put HP gems on her. She is also designed like a Tank, meaning she should have DEF gems as well and be put on the front.

ACC and EVA are stats that don't play as big of role in battle as the typical ATK and DEF. So other gems should take priority before those. Unless you have trouble hitting enemies, there's not much need for ACC.

You can follow this guidelines for your own heroes, but I suggest reading about their skills so you know what they do. Some heroes have special cases where they may require a specific attribute.


For example, Mulan's active skill grants her the ability to be immune to damage and skills after attacking an enemy. You should equip AGI gems on her so she can move first, and utilize that skill so she can't be hurt for the rest of the turn.

Hope this can help some people, and if you have anything to add or correct, feel free to do so! If you have questions about this guide, post them below and I'll try to help and clarify.

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