Hero Raising Guide: Mighty Up Your Heroes 2018-07-19 17:38:29

Today we will be introducing ways to improve your might by heroes enhancement. 

Heroes Enhancement

There are 4 sections for enhancing your heroes, which are hero's quality, leveling up, upgrades and awakening.

Quality of the heroes:


Heroes are separated into four categories based on their qualities. From Blue, Purple, Orange to Red. By means Common -> Rare-> Epic-> Fabled.

Higher quality heroes are endowed with higher initial attributes and  powerful skills compared to the common ones, you should deploy as many higher quality heroes as you can to increase your might to the full extent. 


Leveling up your heroes:

Leveling up a hero is important and will be affecting the hero's upgrade process, as the upgrading of hero needs certain requirements such as upgrade pills, hero shards, and a specific hero's level to do so.

We suggested that players should allocate their EXP Pills wisely to prevent a big gap between your heroes' level.

Upgrading your heroes:

Prevent spending your valuable materials on upgrading the Blue(Common) heroes. Blue heroes are mainly used for the beginning stage and not competent among other heroes. When your Purple(Rare),Orange(Epic) and Red(Fabled) heroes are upgraded to +4 or higher stage, further upgrading process will be consuming Upgrade Pills and specific hero shards for this enhancement.


Further upgrading at +4 or higher stage, hero shards will be required for the process


Upgrading process will improved the attributes of a hero, it will also unlock/promote heroes' active and passive skills 

Heroes that higher than the common level will only be activating their passive skills once they reach +4 Upgrade. So remember to upgrade your heroes the required stage.

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